Strong dialogue, refused to swing! Analysis of East Second round of war!

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Compared to the first round of strength levels, to enter the four round of the second group against the strength of more close, the confrontation is also more incentive! In your heart, who is most likely to defeat the enemy, go farther in the playoffs?

Strong dialogue, refused to swing! Analysis of East Second round of war!

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta

Knights and eagles can be said to be the two of the teams in the eastern part of the two season, which is reflected in their playoff performance in the last two seasons. Last season in the Eastern Division finals are in between the two teams this year, Cleveland a clean sweep of the automobile city, Atlanta, costs a little scratch out of Boston, two strong success realignment, for a road leading to the division finals seat.

Strong dialogue, refused to swing! Analysis of East Second round of war!

(Eastern two strong again against)

Currently, the Knights have even two home games, and the regular season three times fights, Knight three matches, averaging win Eagle 9.7 points, dating back to last season’s East never, knight is a four game sweep of the eagle. The face has 9 consecutive games without victory over the opponent, Atlanta how to change the tide?

Key position: James vs Atlanta attack group

If the league in the East, the eagle is the most difficult to cope with the stars who? The non – Lebron James is. Last season’s four game against the East, James field are three pairs of data so that the eagle paid a painful price.

Strong dialogue, refused to swing! Analysis of East Second round of war!

(James is like a mountain, lie in the eagles before)

First, eagle in the face the same cut super small Thomas, had resorted to the fixed clamp and rotation at the periphery of the team’s tactics, the previous accordion is “the small Assassin” hit rate limited to less than three percent, Eagle also successfully won the next two games to end the series race.

Strong dialogue, refused to swing! Analysis of East Second round of war!

(little Thomas is really hard to deal with this.)

But they are now faced with the star Thomas replaced James, the situation is different. Bradley after the injury, the Celtics outside shooters reserve is extremely scarce, and Thomas because of its style and height restrictions, difficult in the face of sandwiched between the first time the ball came, so to say Eagle promotion are also expected,. But the two weakness, which appears on the green army, is not going to happen to James and the knight.

Strong dialogue, refused to swing! Analysis of East Second round of war!

Pack? Today, the first half of the day, the pitcher gave the eagle a lesson!

James’s overall view and passing technology for all to see, and the knight’s perimeter shooter reserves is very adequate! After a lapse of one year again face James Wong, the eagle attacking players can time to come up with new tricks to limit James, is the key to about this series trend! After all, there are James in the team, in the case of the series 2-0 start of the situation has never been eliminated, leaving the eagle to adjust the time is not a lot of……

Backcourt which strong? The two guy turns over the game

Miami and Toronto ushered in the playoff semi-final first battle. Conventional time Lowry distal pressure half-time whistle three drag the game into overtime, but failed to grasp the opportunity, eventually 96-102 regrets negative heat, high score 0-1 backwardness.

Raptors Waland Nath two pairs of 24 points and 14 rebounds, Derozan 22 points and 6 rebounds, Lori 13 3 only 7 points, but hit the key third drag the game into overtime.

Miami Dragic 26 points and 6 rebounds, Dwyane Wade 24 points and 6 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals, Joe – Johnson 16 points and seven rebounds, Whiteside 9 points and 17 rebounds.


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[original] Miami 102-96 Lori three minutes Wade Raptors Nitian key steals overtime win



[original] Miami 102-96 Toronto Lori guards three minutes to pull Pingwei…

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[star] Wade highlights key steals layup with 24+6 cut overtime…

[star] Deluozan highlights 22 points back to the old is exquisite…

[star] highlights Dragic scored 26 points repeatedly impact inside…

Miami vs Toronto five ball Los Ruichao three Wade steals life away…

God: from the perspective of multi perspective into the midfield magic buzzer three lori…

[scoring] have to look at the old driver! The last time Wade steals de…

[three] Lori incarnation of straw! Ultra far three points…

[scoring] a critical moment to see the veteran Wade to control the rhythm of the cast…


The field star: old rocket will be meritorious

Dragic will first grab wild performance in Game 7 of the copy to the semi final, section heat in trouble, Dragic stand help the team smooth differential, the third day, he got 10 points, the heat to seize the initiative in the key and scored 26 points and 6 rebounds, Djokovic again crime.

Game review: Miami hand to hand combat victory

Campaign, DeMar Derozan even get 4 points to help the Raptors first to seize the initiative, Wade beater jumper also with color, Waland Nath subsequently plays the attacker role, continuous in the offensive end shooting inroads to help the Raptors maintain a leading, when Mr Varin in this section the left about 2 minutes time cut basket dunk, he had six voted 5 to get 10 points, while the Raptors at this time is leading 18-13. The heat and then completed a counterattack, Richardson in the outwire wind in the third, and Amare Stoudemire also fadeaway jumper, the heat in the first section at the end of the 18 leveled the score.

Times back, Joe – Johnson began to break out, he even took 7 points to help the heat to the score over 25-22. The Raptors, Terrence Ross also firepower, in his lead, the home team to find feel offensive. When Carol in the postganglionic segment soared in three points, the Raptors suspected leading 41-35. De Rakic in Miami in trouble, stand up, he even get 6 points to help the heat will tie the score. Waland Nath then fouled two free throws after the end of the first half to lead 43-41, toronto.

Side battles the second half, Wade up he soared in third, DeMar Derozan jumper also to color, the two sides on the offensive end formed confrontation, difference in long time have failed to open, this section left for four minutes and 43 seconds, DeMar Derozan hit the jumper, the Raptors to 59-60 backward. Dragic then angry again, not only turnaround jumper and still fell turned in at the same time soared in incredible third, with his outstanding play, the heat set up 7 points ahead. Terrence Ross then break dunk after the end of the third quarter, the Raptors to 63-68 behind.

Distal, Dragic continued to plenty of firepower, not only soared in the third, also hit the jumper, with his hot performance. The heat at one time will lead to expand to 10 points. But the Raptors apparently unwilling to surrender, they then set off a hit back wave 12-4 offensive, after Joseph breakthrough succeeded, the Raptors will score pursues 81-83. Distal end of left 40 seconds, Dragic again hit three key points, the heat to the lead expanded to 5 points, Lori then attack being Wade capping, raptors after continuous use of Foul Tactics to gain time, Richardson the whistle before 19 seconds made two free throws, the heat to lead 89-83.

However, after this script changed, Terrence Ross before the whistle in 6.5 seconds soared in third, chase the Raptors 89-90, magic continues, Lori in the last moment hit 12 meters ultra far three points, score magical chase into 90 square, the two sides into overtime.

Overtime, the heat regain control of the situation, Joe – Johnson and Luol Deng succession procurable. Wade also even two goals in the heat hit a wave of 8-0 offensive, but the Raptors then set off a counterattack, Waland Nath before the whistle 10.6 seconds is cruel buckle procurable, the Raptors to 96-99 backward. Then DeRozan mistakes, Wade fast break dunk at 2+1, the final heat to win 102-96, made a good start.

Emergency: Whiteside injury insurance

In the first section in the middle, Whiteside slips in a pick and roll along after, white edge lying on the floor pain covered his right knee, slow motion shows, Whiteside in instantaneous leg slip completely bent, then he limped into treatment in the locker room, in the second section than in the game. Whiteside returned to combat in the field, his injury looks does not cause illness.

The first two:

Recruit Durant home? Brooks: the first person to answer tactfully Gu

Wizards of the new coach Scott Brooks’s heart has been ready, but he did not expect is that this problem in 15 minutes after the start of the conference, a reporter asked before:

“Would you put Kevin Durant here?”

The relationship between Brooks and Durant, the Wizards of the three now finally into a ring, but handsome cloth does not intend to.

“My friends, I feel excited to coach the team,” he replied with a smile, “we have a lot of nice guy. I understand your question. But now I only focus on the existing team of these people. When I look around, I know this is where I want to come.”

In fact, Brooks and the wizards are unable to guarantee to attract Durant home, after all, the player is the number one hot commodity in the transfer market this summer. But in the salary cap rose, the team has the background of John wall, for the team to provoke Brooks so popular coach is bound to increase the courtship chips for the Wizards.

Ted Leon Sith, the wizard’s boss, said he was “a player in the new age of the league” and that he was one of the team’s long-term development plans.

“We have developed a plan for as long as five years, young players to build a team around, then in the possession of the premise of the salary cap space for the teams to contribute,” Leonsis says, “but they are free agents, attention is free. The players decide where to go. They have that power. The rest depends on, we have to create a good environment for them, so that they are willing to join the team.”

Brooks is part of a team environment.

Wizards general manager Ernie Grunfeld reveals the why Brooks will be most wanted wizards coach, because, he is good at tapping the potential of young players; the second, the Wizards have many young talents, bill, Aubrey and Porter are just 20 head.

DeRozan: I feel like I found myself.

This morning the end of the game Raptors finally at home to reverse ’102-99 beat the Pacers, the total score of the series 3-2.

The campaign in Toronto had in the third quarter at the end of fall behind the Pacers up to 13 points, but they didn’t give up and in the distal played wave 21-2 offensive frenzy in one fell swoop beyond the score, and ultimately saved the result. In today’s post match interview, Toronto Lord Kell Lowry has revealed in an episode of the team in the previous fourth games:

“In the fourth quarter will begin, billon Bo had intended to what said to let us unite together, but I was with the brothers said, now we don’t need to say anything, we just need to play up, but I did not in a extremely disrespectful tone to say a few words, I just said, let us together to play.”

In the previous four games of the series, Toronto all star guard DeMar Derozan mad, he in this period averaging just with 13.3 points, shooting only 29.6% of the poor, but today, DeMar Derozan shine, he got a personal playoff students a career high 34 points, and eventually led the team managed to hang on to their home, in today the interview after the game, DeMar Derozan in talking about their own performance that in the game he finally back in once their.

“I just feel like this is normal, this requires patience, you can not because of his bad performance and panic, you only need to adhere to the things you want to do. At the same time, this is what we always want to continue to do things — that is the victory at all costs.”

In the field after the win, now the Raptors have been the first to grab the match point, they need only in Beijing time on April 30, the road beat the Pacers can perk advance round in after the Raptors center Bi Yongbo said, they must be in the away game against the Indiana Pacers game embattled.

“We today on the first half performance is not very good, but we have been looking for some way trying to restore a disadvantage, we present on the unremitting efforts and try to carefully lay each round, now we need to win a game, so we will try to solve the series in Indiana.”

25 days of cool: Duncan 155th playoff victory over Jabbar

1, spurs swept the second round of the last round of the bear.

25 days of cool: Duncan 155th playoff victory over Jabbar

After the campaign, 40th birthday Eve Duncan take under the personal career the 155 games playoff victories, beyond the legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Robert Horry tied history, the second (the first is the Fisher).

At the same time, Duncan in the playoffs to 245 games, surpassing the history of the second came to Horry, Fisher (259) or first.

Spurs the whole series game 4 field goal difference the Grizzlies 88, playoff history the third highest 4 field goal difference (10 years outscored the magic Eagle 101 points, in 2001 the Lakers outscored the Spurs to 89).

25 days of cool: Duncan 155th playoff victory over Jabbar

Popovich ushered in his coaching career ninth sweeping, beyond the Zen master Jackson Phil became the first coach in history.

This is the history of the fifth Grizzlies swept three times which is against the Spurs, the first round of the 2004, 2013 and 2016 in the first round of the Western Conference finals.

2, the warriors win rockets playoff leading 3-1.

25 data: Duncan cool 155th playoff victory over Jabbar

The team hit 21 three pointers to create a new record in playoff history.

3, Knight against the pistons, the number of career playoff total rebounds James ahead of Pippin (1583), in the history of the thirteenth.

25 data: Duncan cool 155th playoff victory over Jabbar

James ended the first half with a steal and career playoff total number of steals to 311, beyond the Kobe Bryant (310), ranks fifth in the history.

Owen in the third quarter before the end near the midline of the hit the buzzer ultra far three points, according to the statistics of the ball shot distance is 41 feet (about 12.5 meters) is the playoffs the farthest.

The knight to win, the total score 4-0 piston swept the second round of promotion. This is James eleventh consecutive playoff rounds, and this is James in the first round of the playoffs 17 straight.

The knight has made the playoffs on the piston’s 12 game winning streak, tie the NBA history a team on the other a team playoff winning streak, another record holder is the Lakers.

James played 34 times against playoff series, but he is not the third time series team in scoring.

4, the time lost to the Celtics, Millsap scored 45 points and 13 rebounds, scored a career playoff high personal.

The Clippers bench was Zanlifusi: they saved the game

The Clippers play Portland, today from the bench play a leading role. Paul – Chris and Griffin don’t have to rush to play, because the bench has been able to kill the Quartet, to the main created the opportunity to rest.

“These guys (sub) seemed to be in full swing.” today, to get the team high 25 points and Chris Paul after the game said. “Working together for a long time, we all know that it is up to them to keep fighting until they really need a break. Assuming we (main) in the next team has 6 points ahead of the game, when we go back to the field, the replacement may be expanded to 10 points or 12 points. We need these teammates to continue to play this confidence.”

Just won the league the best sixth praised Crawford got 11 points, Geoff Green added 10 points. Today the Clippers in the first and not as usual as show of the ruling class, officially mentioned two led the substitute and won the game.

“They (the bench) saved the game for us.” Team coach Rivers Doug said.

“The reserve team has won the game for us,” said JJ- Reddick. “At the defensive end, they’ve been doing great, and everyone has had an impact on the game.”

The outstanding performance of the Clippers bench not only let his teammates and coaches on the praise, but also to conquer the opponent.

Pioneer coach Stotz said: “they have different ways of playing the team in a different way, I think Rivers Austen’s three points is an opportunity to change the fourth quarter of the game.”

Today to talk about: James helpless? Think of Kobe 10 years ago.

Superior personal ability, the team was one-sided look bad, Harden in 2016 and is reminiscent of Kobe in 2006. Although the first round of seven grab that out, but that is considered to be the pinnacle of Kobe personal ability. The 27 year old Harden is faced with the same situation as Kobe, today’s 28 points and 11 assists with Klein not comparable. But the rockets again today by the warriors weighed down.

Rocket tactics with warrior gap significantly, harden as the team leader also did not come up with some of the temperament of leader. The introverted he silently brush scoring assists, the Rockets this mess but also how kneading up. The Rockets lose seems difficult to avoid, also took out the gas hard harden. Although a bit funny Beverly had some small movements, but his body is a scarce rocket ruthless gas.

Rather than accept brittle failure four warm boiled frog like harden, as a wayward. To win the big deal next year, losing at least let warriors pass a little uncomfortable.

Today to talk about: James helpless? Think of Kobe 10 years ago

From the point of view of the tone of the clay and green after the game, they never seemed to the rocket in the eyes, they are more concerned about the library right ankle. Today, 90 minutes after the warm-up before the curry out choose to give up play, this decision is very difficult for competitive curry. Warriors now tone very tight, coach Cole is a pair of “curry may seriously injured” tone, although today on the sidelines do Yan value play curry looks nothing. Barkley mouth running train, said this round of the series will only have 4. But the old saying win away game is a series started, the warriors game still need a field to.

Kobe after retirement, the topic of “the first point guard has become popular.

Today to talk about: James helpless? Think of Kobe 10 years ago

The warm-up routine less

The thunder team qualified to compete for the warriors, the Spurs? Judging from this loss to the Mavericks, the answer is no.. This game let Xiaobian think of the 2014 thunder, Adu in the MVP season, the thunder 2-4 against Spurs stop push. They are relying on the talent to play the team, after a loss is very easy to rebound, the rebound will soon fall into the trough. Perhaps Adu’s career will only encounter a single field of 26 iron, just so happens to be a coincidence today.

In the face of high quality in their tactical warriors and the Spurs, they rely on talent is not very reliable. Wei Wei Adu today, but also did not receive a good result. He’s a very good defender, and you can’t ask him to do that.

And the Mavericks to remove the 11 points and 21 rebounds in the fat, the most worthy of respect is the king of the. Compared to Duncan, Pearce and Garnett these only two of the success of the veteran, he and Kobe are the only 70 players can field 17+.

James: I want to get a key three points out of the cell phone

Bulls at home 105-102 reversal of the knight, retained the theory of the playoffs to enter the hope. Butler get the team’s highest 21 points, rookie Felicio bench to play well, 7 cast all in a career high 16 points.

Early in the fourth quarter when bulls played 15-0 climax, and the JR Miss tie the three ball after thrilling win, did not let the Knight – in advance to lock in the eastern part of the regular season first. But the bulls under the premise of winning the last two games, but also hopes to be in the three game full defeat, in order to avoid the first absence in 2008 after the playoffs.

“We have shown our character and pride,” Gasol said. “But it’s frustrating, and if we do that every night, we won’t be able to do that.”

This season the Bulls against Cleveland 3 wins and 1 losses, the season was swept against the Raptors, Eastern two a total of 7 wins and 1 losses.

The game James played a highly efficient performance, he 17 cast 13, of which three points in 5 of the cast 4, 33 points and 7 rebounds. JR hit 7 record three points to 24 points, 20 points and 13 rebounds in Le fu.

“I like the state of the team,” said Le Fu. “When we have the ‘we’ll go home’ mentality, we’ll be hard to beat.”

The final stage of the game, Jr penalty kick not snatch the backboard, the ball outside dellavedova, latter does not have the ball to the top of the arc vacancy James, but their direct shot three points, but cast 3 do not touch.

“One more time passes, selfishly speaking, I hope I get that a mobile phone, just like I was up all night, but the final de la investment and short,” said James.

Wade Kobe: for the first time on war capping his lifetime

The Miami heat will today away to the Losangeles Lakers, this will be the last meeting between Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant. Wade recalled the first year showdown with Kobe, he admitted to Kobe’s cap made him a lifetime.

Wade admits there is a moment, maybe a lot of people have been forgotten, but forever in my mind. “It is the first time since I entered the NBA against the Lakers, when all star weekend I and Kobe also said this thing. In fact, the entire basketball history, it may be pointless moment.” Wade said.

“We were the Lakers ruthless K a meal, they have Kobe in the array, the big shark O’neal,” gloves “Payton and Malone – Carle. It was in the second half, when the game was over, I had a 2 foul, so I didn’t do it. Then I got a defensive Kobe on the break opportunity, I was very nervous.” Wade talking.

“But I covered him, for me, is this. Really cool earthshaking feeling, I covered him, then the next round of score on him. I feel great. For him, they may not have any feeling, leading by 30 points or 40 points, but for me, this means that the whole world.” Wade said.

Yibaka: outstanding performance from continuous efforts to let us better double less

“Oklahoma” newspaper reported, in the game yesterday thunder vs raptors, Ibaka audience played 33 minutes cut 15 points, eight rebounds and 2 blocks, more dazzling is, he scored positive and negative values of up to + 39. That is to say, when he was on the floor, thunder can win the Raptors have 39 points, he is on the court allowed to prevent, this also let his teammates after the game on the field of his performance was full of praise.

Duhem Vitesse: “if he (IBA) can always so out of cover, shot and continue to lead the attack, then we will be very difficult to beat.”

Johnny: “opponent must pay special attention to player so he can in about 15-17 foot hit the shot, because such a shot for him (IBA) is simply come in handy, now his ability in the reading of the game and the game make reaction and other aspects are stronger than ever the.”

Thunder coach Donovan Billy: “he (Ibaka) is now a more profound understanding of the game, and now he is able to change the team in the defensive end only hand.”

When it comes to their outstanding performance in this field, it is said yibaka he has been training hard achievements.

“This is something I’ve been working on for the entire season, and I think I’m going to get it right now.”

Thunder yesterday a total hit the 41 goals warfare, including 29 from assists in an interview yesterday, Ibaka said the team can play so tacit attack and Kevin Durant and Granville less excellent instigated ability is absolutely inseparable.

“We played well, and Russell and Kevin did well in the move, and they made us feel that we are part of the team.”