Southern California Trojans Stickers

The knicks tallied the bucks at home, it Anthony took 24 points and 10 rebounds and eight assists, return bad two assists he can achieve three pairs. This is the third time this season melon single field for at least 20 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists in the data.


“I didn’t realize a lot of games (fast achieve three pairs),” Anthony said, “today I know, I was trying to take three pairs. But it is difficult.”


Although today in not with three pairs of melon, but he is also very good to lead the team to victory. He can give the ball to the were open teammates, oneself also can score and rebound. When it comes to their own processing method, Anthony said: “I am trying to attack, and avoid attack.”


Melon and some other adjustments, it is trust.


“(victory) due to the elder brother of the melon, Boer ferry burgess said,” sure we can hit his shots, he gave the team trust and confidence.”


It less wave is also doing well, he scored 15 points 6 rebounds 5 blocks. Section 3 small lopez into not throw shots, wave to a less enemy 2 from the basket on the right side to the left, reverse one-handed buckle, the skill of the course.


“Only a few people can like him to make such a dunk,” Anthony said after the game.


Less wave performance impressed the opponent, especially in the defensive end. Bucks the letters of the elder brother after the recalls: “he (less) use a different tool. On the offensive end, he can make some difficulty high 3-pointers. The defensive end, he built a lot of hats. He let us become difficult. Our strategy is to score in the paint area, and he let us sincerely feel difficult.”

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