Wade: jazz today read our defensive tactics

At noon today one game after the end of the heat on the road to a 83-98 loss to the jazz, experienced team first defeat of the western expedition trip this time.


Heat, keeping their star dwyane wade feel cold, he made three of 17 only get 8 points, in his post-match interview, wade first praised the 34 points of the game’s commanding general Sir Gordon hayward, and then in the summary of the main reason for the team lost today, he said the team’s loss mainly because their arrangement by some defensive tactics in the match actually has not worked.


“Hayward has led to them this evening, they mastered today we decorate some of defensive tactics, and get the things they want.”


Miami heat coach after the game, Bohr Stella, according to the heat it appear many unforced errors gave many of Utah, and eventually they also for his careless paid a terrible price.


“They hit some shots, and in our body of some mistakes also gave them a lot of advantage, they try to catch the chance to get some points, and created a lot of extra leg, on the pitch and we are in trouble, however, has been unable to resist the opponent’s strength, especially in the last six minutes from time to time.”


A joy a sorrow, as a winner, jazz coach snyder, in the game can see the nature is full of positive energy.


“It was a great win for us, we have been in previous discussion with fatigue and injuries of back-to-back trip I should how to land a better job.”

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