Butler 19+10 team six people on the two bulls 101-92 Celtics win six game in a row

Customs CSU Bakersfield Roadrunners logo Iron-on Transfers N4056NBA regular season to continue, the six game winning streak of the Chicago bulls against the celtics. In the end, the home of the bulls to 101-92 victory over Celtic to usher in the seven game in a row.

Bull six scoring in double. Pau Gasol had 17 points and 18 rebounds and made large double double, rose 18 points and 7 rebounds, Butler 19 points, five rebounds and 10 assists, Mirotic had 11 points and eight rebounds, Gibson and Snell respectively 10 points.

Celtics seven people scored double, Ollie Nick 16 points and 9 rebounds, Sa Linjie 13 points and 11 rebounds, Thomas 14 points, Claude 17 points, Turner and Smart were 10 points.


Technical statistics


The two teams clash in the bull for the first time this season away defeat, this game is the bull’s revenge. For the Celtics disadvantage is that their coach Brad Stevens because of personal reasons absent this game today, the chief assistant coach Jay Lalanajia became interim head coach. It is reported that Stevens is going to visit him in the Butler University, a player before the coach, the players are fighting against cancer.

After the opening of the bulls to take advantage of the height, Gasol 3 shots on the hit 2 balls. But the Celtics run and gun is also very powerful, in Johnson for a dunk, they played 7-0 offensive score counter Ultra. Return suspend the Celtics still control the situation, oleynik runs really are ghosts, he often pulled high post, but in an unguarded moment, bull, he went to the basket over the basket succeeded. This section 33 minutes and 2 seconds, Ollie Nick on the outside and hit three points, the Celtics pulled the score to 21-15. Ross jump stop is also very beautiful, looks like he is good condition today. But the Celtics were all soldiers, after Sa Linjie hit the cast, they get 27-21′s lead at the end of the first quarter, Ollie Nick took 10 points in this section.

Time section Celts and first 2 points, the Bulls the preganglionic 3 does not vote, the Celtics will expand the advantage to double-digit opportunity, but Zeller rebound is good protection against, Gibson completed steals and assists McDermott hit three points and Snell also hit three bull scored six points and the score will be caught up. More than half of this section, the two teams have 8 points, this efficiency is not high. In this section, 4 minutes and 31 seconds, Johnson layup, the Celtics made a small wave of 6-0 will lead to 41-31. But Celtic undulation is big enough, Mirotic continuous hit two goals, Butler and hits three points, the Bulls played 12-2 offensive and will tie the score. After the first half, the bulls with 48-47 anti super.

The second half of the Celtics continued downturn, one shot up to 5 consecutive shots, in little Thomas for them to break the scoring drought, they were 4 consecutive shots, the bull took the opportunity to play 13-2 offensive to the score 61-49. Bull kept for 10 minutes at the leading edge, the Celtics a few times will be reduced to single digits, the bulls can always respond, the first half 7 throws in Butler also hand back, in punishes two balls and hit a jumper. Celtic is also bad luck, an attack to get 5 offensive rebounds, but did not shoot 6 shots. The two teams in the last 1 minutes of this quarter did not score, the bulls with a 74-63 lead into the fourth quarter.

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