Jazz will become the top four in the west? Stronger team behind the hidden crisis

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Since 2013, sir has been in the asset accumulation model. They traded for Rudi Goebel, the draft pick dantay Sam, Hector Rodney hood and Trevor Lies. This summer, sir and traded for Boris Dior and George Hill, and in the free market to sign Joe – Johnson.

Sir retains so many added young core reinforcements Gordon – Hayward, Derek and Alec Burks Phevos, many people think that they in the new season will have a big leap — not just to make the playoffs, but may become the first four seeds and have a chance to win the series.

However, with the accumulation of talent, the problem will follow. The young players in the team are doing well in the rookie contract, which is expected to be a big deal. Sir Alex has been close to this point in time, the rest of this season is crucial for them, on and off the field.

As is known to all, Hayward is expected to jump out of the contract next summer, so as to seek a top salary contract, possibly with the jazz, and possibly with other teams.

Besides Hayward, Phevos current contract will also 2017-18 the end of the season. Goebel will become an unrestricted free agent in 2017, hood and Ike Sam will become a restricted free agent in 2018. This means that the majority of the core players are facing the arrival of the new contract, and most of them are good enough to fight for their own a big contract.

So Sir Lindsay Denis, general manager, may make some interesting decisions.

“After the Malone Stockton era, the Jazz down for many years, until Williams and Deron Paul – Millsap era,” NBA payroll expert Eric said the flat base. “They did well in the process of building the team, but now it has come to a critical point. Hayward can choose to leave, Goebel need to renew. Now the team management has to make a decision for the future. They need to show the style of the team, and the players need to prove that they deserve to be the core of the team.

Sir Preiss sent last week Ti NBER to 76 people, this is the first step of Lindsay to vacate compensation space. Get rid of the Preiss value of 3 million of the contract so that the jazz to make room for $12 million.

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