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3 deandre Jordan

Speak out: five players in the league’s most overrated

Jordan’s physical condition made him a natural athlete, who was born to block and rebound. He was able to jump into the air at any moment and put on a wonderful scene. But the Clippers in the past eight years, he never developed low attack and reliable shooting.

In the line, he threw three with odds of two to two vote. His career averaging only 9 points, not too dominant, no offensive rebounds, cumbersome, and not good at the pick and roll.

These facts show that small Jordan in the Clippers play the role is not happy, a lot of time live behind Chris – Paul, Blake Griffin and JJ Reddick,. This offseason, the Mavericks gave him chance to be a cornerstone of the team, but even his own are not guaranteed I can be competent for this challenge.

2 Anthony Cameron

Speak out: five players in the league’s most overrated

How important it is to win the game, I believe that the melon has deep feelings.

Once in the student’s time, Anthony Lebron and James Cameron were the number one. Later, the melon entered the Syracuse University and led the team to win the NCAA champion, and as a freshman, in the final four games in the final game averaged 27 points and 12 rebounds and 4 assists in the data.

The 2003 draft, James and Anthony won the champion and third overall, but the two direct comparison soon after the end of the. James broke into the finals for 6 consecutive years and won 3 times. Last season’s finals, he became league history, first in the finals score (30), rebounds (11), assists (9), steals (3) and blocks (2) data and ranked in the first player, and help 52 years without a trophy of the Cleveland won the championship; and Anne Tony, even never enter the Eastern Conference finals.

Many people criticize Anthony for being a selfish cannon, not to make his teammates better. Now he played is “heroic basketball”, or said that before the bell rang, he always put the ball in his hands, and bricking shots and then repeat the above movements. Like Bernard king, Anthony was just a simple scorer, and he couldn’t bring much more than that. Anthony who has never been short of hype, of course, as the seventh largest U.S. media employees, he also needs to be on time. Of course, once Anthony and James met in a playoff series, TV presenter will play the two of them, staged drama “enemies” showdown.

From Anthony’s point of view, he has just retired from the Olympic stadium that makes him infinite. But purely from the point of view of basketball, the gold content of the Olympic Games and the lack of NBA championship rings in the same breath.

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