NBA50 big star Johnson – Elvin: all powerful magician

Among the many athletes, only a few of them can be among the most unusual, with excellent technology to change the sport they are engaged in. Elvin – “magic” Johnson is one of the few.

As a basketball player, Johnson in the end how great? Great, so to speak. A new generation of basketball fans might want to be able to come to the world earlier, so that they can see the magic of the “magic” and not just watch the video of his game.

Johnson’s influence is equal to Cousy Bob in 50s, Robertson Oscar in 70s and Erwin Julius in 60s. But Johnson is more revolutionary, 6 feet 9 inches he is the highest in the history of the NBA ball point guard. He has great talent, even pseudo fans of his curiosity and appreciation.

Both coordination and midfielder threw a buzzer or his smile can make Arena shine behind the back pass to run fast in the James worthy, seeing every “magic ball, can leave a deep memory. When Johnson stood on the scene, people are wondering: how can such a tall person, the use of the ball and his body to do so many things?

Maybe this is the “magic”.

NBA50 big star Johnson – Elvin: all powerful magician

13 years of purple soul “magic MicroHand” numerous achievements

Johnson in the League for 13 seasons, all the time is spent with the Losangeles Lakers, during that time he got almost all the players are the dream of success.

Johnson won five NBA titles, three times elected MVP and three times won the finals MVP; he had 12 selected all star, 9 times and to the all NBA team a; he in history in assists beyond the Oscar Robertson, but later the data of history first into the John Stockton; in 1992 he also to the identity of the “dream team” members at the Barcelona Olympics, won the gold medal.

Johnson’s performance is very comprehensive, but also created a “three pairs of the data representation, although the” O “Robertson is the originator of the” triple double “that count, but in the 1960s no three pairs of the term to describe a big O’s comprehensive data.

Johnson has achieved one after another, but his enthusiasm has never diminished, because of his love for sports and athletics. Compared with money, success and fame, Johnson more enjoy playing basketball brings happiness.

If you want to list the most let Johnson fans admire a skill, that is his extraordinary passing skills. Break not passing, midfielder precision guided air connected with, diversion, and under the basket encounter three clip bag when the pass over the top… These wonderful passing so that fans and opponents have looked stunned. When a defensive player thinks he’s going to pass, he actually chooses to shoot; when the defensive player is a player who wants to shoot, he’s actually going to pass the ball.

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