Special – after 13 years of the 5 rival now he Harbourside

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More than a month ago, led James Knight won the tiebreak, crossed the enemy Stephen curry and his Warriors team, won his first championship in Cleveland. This is a period of 13 years of waiting, is also a city of 13 years of waiting, James finally done. But the thorn in the process around the difficulties and enemies constantly. In fact, James should be grateful to these enemies, without them I am afraid not now dominating the james. Let us follow the pace of the time to review the James career five enemies:

Special – after 13 years of the 5 rival now he Harbourside

Detroit pistons

03 years into the NBA, two years later, James was the first to repay the playoffs taste. And give him the first playoff bitter memories of the playoffs is the pistons. At the time the piston is acclaimed as emperor, set Changxi – Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun – Prince, Rasheed Wallace and Ben Wallace, “bad boy Legion” second generation. Even if James Dudangyimian. Two consecutive hit full, averaging 26.8 points, 8.6 rebounds and 6 assists the all-around performance, Knight still to 3:4 pities the defeat opponent. Suffered a series of career first defeat.

The next year’s Eastern Conference finals, the pistons once again came to the front of the knight. After a year of growth, James wings gradually plump, but your uncle or your uncle piston up two SAP almost let James again a grievance. But from the third field James took over the game, a change in the first two only 10 points and 19 points in the doldrums, after four games averaging 31.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, 8.7 assists help team counterattack success. Especially in the fifth war most James won the team surge high and sweep forward, the final 25 points, including 18 points in overtime. James had gotten rid of the enemy, the success of the finals. After the career James played well against the pistons, including 4:0 swept this year.

Special – after 13 years of the 5 rival now he Harbourside

Sanantonio Spurs

This is the worst nightmare of rival James career. 2007 finals, at the beginning of the supreme Hall of James was Duncan hate on the last lesson, averaging 22 points, 7 rebounds and 6.8 assists not wrong, but 0:4, this is the only time James career was swept. And Duncan 07 years finals that the future is your James is a lingering curse.

Career finals three times in the face of the Spurs, James two defeat to the opponent, 16 games only won 5 games. Only victory, or get lucky goddess blessing, let Ray Allen to complete the startled day equaliser three points, the two sides into the tiebreak. James had just led the heat won success.

Now Duncan has retired, he and his spurs can only be hidden in James’s heart pain.

Special – after 13 years of the 5 rival now he Harbourside

Boston Celtic

The 2007 finals James is expected to stage a comeback, frustrated, but another enemy ruthless appeared. Since 2008, the truth of the Pearce led the Celtics in the eastern half of the three year two years to eliminate the knight. Especially in the first year after the formation of the big three and James led the knight in the playoffs encounter. Both sides of the war seven, and ultimately the young James defeat the enemy has the three giants of the celtics. In that year, the Celtics crossed the young James to win the championship.

After a lapse of two years, they met again in the eastern half of the final. Young Lebron still lost to the three giants of the celtics. Green army has become James in front of the mountain can not be crossed. After the Eastern Conference semifinals, Garnett said the phrase “loyalty sometimes will kill you for James.” That summer, James decided to choose a transfer.

To Miami Heat, James is still not able to get rid of the pursued and harried by the Celtics, but by this time, James much Wade bosh two law enforcement, the Celtics to win is not so easy. 2011 playoffs, due to the Celtics lineup is not the whole, the heat easily 4:1 win, James career first win the celtics. The real contest is in the Eastern Conference finals in 2012. In the first four games each win two, before the fifth game of the final, pierce faced James hits three points, the Celtics got the match point, Knight of the nightmare seems to be repeating itself.

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