The Olympic gold medal dream drive cousins hard to lose 20 pounds

According to the Sacramento displays the media news, for his first Olympic trip, for the upcoming season, king the team star DeMarcus – Xin Si test is to train hard. This year, Hugh match mid-term Xin Si has lost 20 pounds (9), he said that now the game speed faster, so he had to prepare.

This summer Silian test Xin very hard, in his own words to describe: “marathon training”.

Obviously, test Xin Si practicing have seen the results, compared to the end of the season, he has lost 20 pounds, he hopes helped the U.S. men’s basketball team won the gold medal of the Olympic Games in Brazil, he hopes to lead the king the team in the new season end for 10 consecutive years and not into the playoffs the embarrassment. “Compared to the previous year, I have been more light.” Cousins said, “the game is faster now, so I have to be ready. In addition, in the United States men’s basketball, my role has changed a lot, I also try to make my body ready.”

Cousins also want to lose weight can help him prevent injuries, he was trapped in the feet of tendinitis last season. “That’s one of the goals, too.” Cousins said, “I have a lot of pressure on my feet. This is a new kind of training method.”

Since the end of last season, the test has been repeated treatment, in order to ease the pain of the feet. He said that now he felt better, he is looking forward to the USA basketball training camp camp. “I’m excited.” Cousins said, “I always wanted to go to the Olympic team, I finally got the chance.”

Cousins is also excited about the prospect of the kings next season. At the beginning of last season, the kings believed they could get into the playoffs, but only 33 wins and 49 losses, but it was still the best record in six years. “I think we’ve had enough of the mistakes we made in the past, and we’ve learned a lesson from it.” Cousins said, “I think we’re all ready to get out of the trouble. We are now on the stage – United, and move on.”

In this offseason, king the team replaced the coach, with Dave joerger replaced George Karl, joerger have become cousins experienced a sixth term as head coach. “I haven’t been a good friend to the manager.” Cousins said, we talked about the relationship, but the purpose is not this, is about everyone at the same pace, is about to get out of the dilemma, is about doing the best thing for the team.”

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