Mr. Du nu dozen 21 iron! So feel thunder to win really difficult!

A thunder defeat on the golden state, durant scored 40 points 7 rebounds, 4 assists the strength of the data, and a single section 14 points in small tough performance don’t give up hope, but he only 31 shots hit 12 goals, hit ratio is low.


After the game, durant iron handle, a little but not too care about themselves, he said, have to continue to stay aggressive, when put into the ball, you won’t say what, just happened to be missed a lot.


West for today’s game 6, durant said, “we cannot relax, our feet must continue to step on the accelerator, we have to play better. We must get the energy back home, we will see what happens.”


It, durant’s initial two shot did not try to harvest the results, and then he shot again, jumper had scored the game’s first goal. Before long, for he sent less ginobli, which cut dunking. But the first quarter, durant just hit the goal, and eight times while the iron is hot.


Handle up slightly in the second quarter, durant, started by layup up points. Few rounds, durant para Thompson, he caused opponents foul, stepped to firmly hit two goals. To this section in the middle, garage layup, durant on volleyball hands big hat. And then the second attachment, less less sent out assists, durant again strong dunk, lit.


The entire game in the first half, although durant scored 16 points and 4 rebounds, 3 assists game 1 cap, but he still feel is not very good, only six of 19, 6 shots outside the three-point line all out. Durant 19 shots in the first half created individual half-court shot several high, you can see, he is very want to win this war.


Easy edge to fight again, the warriors will the gap narrowed, step by step moving dunk take the green, durant firmly hit. Garage 3-pointers take again, durant shooting drift in response to competitors. Garage again three fallaway jumper, durant also to attempt, he finally 3-pointer after 6 0.


Details of eight points behind the mighty offensive frenzy, spray, however, to brother 3-pointers, and the thunder team attack problems, durant repeatedly while the iron is hot, can’t help the team pick up the slack.


The whole game down, durant shot only 10, 31 had 29 points, 7 rebounds 3 assists, 2 steals and blocks. Durant so feel really thunder run.


Tiebreak coming, hope to play a proper durant kill god grade level, helping the team into the finals!

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