Kevin durant of little bonus! Shot up 4%! You want to leave him?

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About durant where this summer, opinions vary from all walks of life. There are many factors will affect the durant last choice, but there is a choice is real before the players, and is worth him to consider that is left in a rage and less side by side.


Since entering the NBA, durant is only in the absence of wei less in one season, and a little terror combination rule for many years in the offensive end force may be durant is hard to give up.


During the regular season, wei less created 498 shots opportunities for durant, the playoffs has created opportunity for 77 shots, which makes them become the alliance for the combination of the most frequent, second rondo to god created opportunity for 481 shots.


Kevin durant of little bonus! Shot up 4%! You want to leave him?


For durant, he has 35% of the shots from passing less, and the hit ratio is 58.5% efficient. Durant surplus hit ratio is 54.1%.


Of course, the relationship between the wei du not only feed the ball to less freddy adu. When do less duran for wei cover, the latter holding 73%, the pick-and-roll let them get 0.94 points per turn – on the team level, such alliance rank seventh pick-and-roll efficiency.


Wei is also less durant launched the season conversion attack is the best partner, he has a 55% chance of with durant, in this case, they averaged 1.4 points per turn, this is the league’s second high efficiency.


Durant really want to leave this wei less? If leave this summer, thunder means that he wants to leave a gave him huge bonuses on the offensive end.

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