James: I don’t know the difference between a flagrant foul and ordinary fouls

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Yesterday, the cavaliers beat Denver 115-84 the raptors, eastern conference finals big score 1-0 lead. On the whole team fouls, raptors on 25-20 more than the knight, and kyle lowry and DE mar – demar derozan is encountered during the teammates for the first time for zero free throws. But lebron James seems to have a little dissatisfied on refereeing decisions, he wants to know the opponent for what he did to the referee blows the flagrant foul.


“I don’t understand completely,” James said in an interview after the end of the training. “When the foul happens to others, I know what is going on, but was fouled when the person is me, I don’t know, I don’t know the difference between the ordinary fouls and malicious foul.”


Match the first half, when James for a rebound head by bismarck – BiYongBo elbow; In the second half, when James a fast-break was blocked by the DE mar – carol’s shoulder, shoulder more touch), the referee just call the common foul; Was again at the end of the third successively, James face BiYongBo collision, but the result is James was an offensive foul, penalty because the referee to judge James before being BiYongBo hit violated demar derozan face.


Team manager, tryon Lu Li pretty James, he thinks that James is not foul because he is always after being fouled act too calm: “now to get malicious foul whistle, however, seems to only be pulled to the fall in the neck. Lebron is too strong, he is not like the other players easy to fall, on the contrary, others often bounce off from him. And a lot of times each other player was knocked down, as long as they hold the head on the ground and 40 seconds don’t get up, the judges will go technology platform, and then add a flagrant foul. I don’t understand.”


Tryon lu said: “we have been let players stay aggressive, hit the body fight, play a ball game in the right way.”

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