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The Los Angeles Lakers team two young Dan Gilo Russell and Julius – Randall by invited selected USA basketball team selection, will be in the summer and twelve dream team simulation training and help us men’s basketball team to prepare for the Olympic Games in Rio will ace reporter Adrian Werner Kieslowski reports said.

The Lakers two will be selected for the team selection team to assist the dream team preparing for Rio

The Lakers two less selected the United States men’s basketball team

This season, the Lakers continue to slump, 17 wins and 65 losses record the worst record in the history of the team, but the team of young people also get a lot of exercise opportunities. The class of 2015 show Bangyan Russell for the Lakers played 80 games, the presence of 28.2 minutes of time with 13.2 points and 3.4 rebounds 3.3 assists and 1.2 steals. 2014 No. 7, Xiu Randall played 81 times, averaging 28.2 minutes played, with 11.3 points and 10.2 rebounds in the “double double” data.

The United States men’s basketball team is mainly composed of young players NBA, with the national team against training and competition, to help the national team to prepare for the international competition. In August this year, the Rio Olympic Games consists of League superstar “dream twelve” the battle for the country. Selection team of young players will be simulated against them, after the dream team members, mostly from the selection team to choose from.

After many of the Union Star has been named in the men’s basketball team selection, including Indiana team Myers – Turner, Portland Trail Blazers team CJ McCollum, the Phoenix Suns German – Booker, Detroit piston team Ken Tarver Aus – Card vel pop and Stanley – Johnson, Minnesota Timberwolves Zach Lavin, Boston Celtics team Marcus – smart, Utah Jazz Rodney – hood, Milwaukee Bucks team Jabari Parker and the Denver Nuggets team Gary Harris, in addition to the two college players selected, respectively, the Michigan high guard Denzel Valentine and the University of North Carolina striker Bryce Johnson.

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