Clay: I blame the outbreak of Lillard: This is my dream of a round of the worst

Customs Central Arkansas Bears Iron-on Transfers (Wall Stickers)NO.4107Today the Braves suffered a foul trouble, let opponents 29 times, stand on the free throw line, Andrew Bogut is because foul only played less than 12 minutes, after a media Cole coach evaluation referee, coach Cole wittily said they are great.

“We did not play as usual, the transfer of the ball is not enough, we are a little impatient,” said Cole coach. “We started the defense can also, but we can not get the ball, and finally can only continue to foul. The players are not in good condition.”

“Were cast into the some difficult shots, and retreat step three, we have created for their difficulties is not enough,” coach Cole continued. “Our players and not the kind of a feeling of despair to fight back, the kind of despair is a playoff to win.”

Barnes today 8 vote 2, only 7 points 6 rebounds, Cole did not have too much evaluation, just light to say: “the game is like this, there will be no time to shoot.”

“Curry out affected the team’s rotation, but we must adjust, the only way to better cope with.” To curry out, coach Cole says.

When a reporter asked how to evaluate the performance of Cole, Lillard looked at the data table, and then said: 40 points and 10 assists, yes, he played like an all star player.”

After the game, with Lillard on clay – Thompson initiative to embrace the responsibility that he didn’t do a good job of defense. “He did a great job, most of the blame on me.” Clay said. “We have some tactics not in place today, the one or two pass on the shot, we need more conductive ball.”

Today, Thompson played 38 minutes, 28 voted 14, of which three of the 9 cast 5, cut 35 points.

Coach Cole says he respects the achievements of coach Stotz. “I respect what he’s doing. They are one of my favorite teams. I will watch them when we don’t play.”

Dream green today, 23 investment 13, one-third of the ball 12 shots and 8 37 points and 9 rebounds and eight assists and two turnovers and post match press conference, his Piao one eye data statistics, and then said: “I think this is the worst I round series showed a, you might say, you got a 39 points, nine rebounds and eight assists. But I did not do the things that do not do well in defense. I got only 1 points (in fact two points) in the thunder this season, but that’s a good defense. I can blame someone else, but it’s my fault. We’ll get better, I’ll get better and we’ll win.”

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