Arkansas PB Golden Lions Stickers

Fortunately, I came to the wild horse here and ran into a big brother who did not care about these guys. Really, I was lucky. I grew up with two great players: Dawkins Champ and Bailey Brain. Look around the league, one of the best and the most professional, the most worthy of the defensive guard, and I have the honor to work together with them. When they saw me in the training ground to demonstrate skill, the election and not simply not important, soon they began to strongly to coach let me strive for the play. That year I won the honor of a team of Rookie All, and from that year I have maintained the elite level.

But the brand is still unsuccessful. Even if you prove yourself, it will always be with you. Owned and lack of origin of the difference is: when you have the so-called “descent”, everything you do is in let others confirm that you are an elite; when you lack the so-called “descent”, everything you do is to continue to prove you can is the elite.

Many times this difference will be reflected in the subtle. In January last year, I tore the anterior cruciate ligament, so many people think I’m done. For most of the players, if they are 25 years old, they will be very optimistic that he will come back. But it happened to me, I do not know why, a lot of people think: he finished, he even came back will not return to the previous state of the”.

7 months after my perfect return, so many people took a surprise, but also played in the season Bowl Pro and Pro All standard, so they took a surprise.

15 year early summer, rugby analysis website Football Focus Pro released their TOP NFL 100 player list, I ranked fourth, second only to Watt Aaron, Rodgers Justin and Houston J.J..

When this list came out, many people began to question why I would rank so high. But for me, it’s not strange to tell the truth.

Pro Football Focus to their measure, then named their ranking, verified with large amounts of data and video game with a lot of projects. But in the final analysis, they only use a standard measure, is also the most simple standard: the actual performance of the players. Quote a paragraph of their description: this list is based on the performance of each player in the 2014 season. Not by the players before the season and after the potential impact, this list does not reflect the talent, it reflects the actual performance of the players on the field throughout the 2014 season. This also makes the PFF list with other scoring system different, this list don’t pay attention to who you are. They don’t care about your rounds and reputation. It focuses on a point: your performance? And then use a standard measure of what your performance is in the league.

For the corner guard, you only need them to complete the two tasks: first, do not let the other side of the release of the other, and secondly, do not let the other side to get a large number of your body. The 2014 season I didn’t release a touchdown. I did not make each other took over in my body got more than 22 yards receiving and two data is 0, which is equivalent to — if I were inside baseball pitcher, I the whole season in every game have not been played over hits and a grand slam.

And a few months later, the NFL Network announced their top 100 list, in some extent, exactly the opposite of the list of the list and PFF. This list is between players selected out of the, and do not have a fixed standard. When a list is “not a standard”, it usually means that the standard is actually the default concept of our daily life – the number of points we judge from the intuition: name, origin, reputation.

So Network NFL out of the list, I do not have to look at it already know the results, and I really did not guess wrong.

There is no me in the list.

Remember the idea was forgotten by the fact that: This is the NFL out of the player’s daily.

So, I know I’m not famous enough, and I know that I will always be on someone else. But I know who you are and I know their capable, but I know only a way to let other people will not forget my name:

Win the super bowl!

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