National League finals: the Panthers scored 49 points victory over the Cardinals

15 to 16 playoff League of nations finals, held in the Carolina Panthers home, League of nations No. 2 seed Arizona Cardinals away game challenges the Carolina Panthers, the winner will enter Super Bowl challenge earlier produced beauty League Championship, Denver Broncos.

Section one game by the Cardinals first attack, the Cardinals twice ran the ball won only 3 yards, third Carson – Pomoer (Carson Palmer) pass fail choose punt; after the ball came to the hands of panther, a less success running the ball, the second gear quarterback cam Newton pass find to brown scored 14 yards came in the first half, then ran a, receiver gene (Ted Ginn) won 13 yards to the Cardinals 32 yards at, then panther to Cardinals 27 yard line can’t forward again, choose 45 yard shot at 3-0 lead the visitors. To become beautiful, take again failed Pomoer Cardinals battles, the Panthers defensive front to make a big pressure, two consecutive passes, the third pass found running backs Johnson (David Johnson scored the first file, then attack unsuccessful Cardinals abandoned kick; Panther gene punt returns attacking effect is good, get a 32 yard directly to the Cardinals 49 yard line and a third level 2 yards, Newton found old partner for nearly end front Orson (Greg Olsen), the latter beautiful vacated the ball 12 yards to the Cardinals 29 yards, then a complex run ball tactics gene ball after the first rushed to the left with teammate barrier and personal ability, to the right takes to run issued array, the Panthers 10 – 0 lead. Cardinals battles, the third attack came to the Cardinals for 44 yards. After the Cardinals first run Wei Johnson quarterback, took over the Pomoer outside. After a design from the outside over Fitzgerald pass, however two fancy tactics with only 2 code, then the Cardinals again punt; Panther attack again, third gear 8 yards, panthers 14 yard line in. After a Newton pass find regional rival defensive loopholes in exon 10 Corey Brown took over, the latter after the ball to get rid of the safeties escapement hold Yimapingchuan directly with 86 yard touchdown, the Panthers 17 0 lead.

Section II tournament Cardinals offensive file 2 6 yards, running backs Johnson rushed for 23 yards to the Panthers 37 yard line, 3 10 yards. Quarterback Pomoer captured to kill the ball, the ball was picked up a panther linebacker khukri luck kuechly), the ball in situ conversion. The Panthers would attack, three attacks failed to choose punt. Cardinals offensive, 3rd gear for 11 yards in Pomoer Cardinals 35 yard line passing successfully got the first of the new file, the Panthers two fouls later to Panthers 43 yard line, running backs Johnson beautiful rush with under 15 yards to the Panther 28 yard line. After Pomoer two passes to the Panther 3 yard line. 2, Johnson road rushed the ball under the Cardinals first score, 7 more than 17 cardinals. Panther attack did not take first file choose punt, attack back hand Peterson, Patrick Peterson meet punt mistakes, off the ball again to retrieve the Panther players, the Panthers from the Cardinals 46 yard line began to attack, just Peterson of error in the marker gene Aymara foul, but also gave the Panthers a first file, then the Panthers ran Wei Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) twice ran with the ball on the immediate 1 yard line, third score, Newton himself rushes, with excellent physical fitness jump to one pile, the ball across the line, the Panthers again touchdowns and 24 / 7 leading. Cardinals attack again, the first tranche of the attack Pomoer captured kill ball players once again was Panther grab, ball in situ, Panther from the Cardinals 31 yard line began to attack. 2 10 yards, cornerback Peterson steals the mistakes in front of Newton pass, return to the Panthers 22 yards. However, the first attack to the cardinals, Pomoer region pass again by the Black Panther steals. To choose the two insurance Panther on halftime.

Second half Panther advanced attack, automatics to attack red zone, 2 score in Newton is Cardinals sacks, third gear to find Orson, the latter failed to complete the touchdown chose to shoot, Panther 27 7 leading. The second half first attack or weakness, punt to panther. The Panther again so smooth attack, finally to punch the ball Newton touchdown end, 34 Panthers leading 7. The Cardinals offensive to the Panthers 29 yards, the end of the third quarter.

The fourth quarter, the Cardinals finally scored again, Pomoer pass to proximal front fellers (Darren fells) of array after the two-point conversion success, the Cardinals 15 than 34. Panther attack failed to choose punt, the Cardinals offensive team debut again, the poor state of Permoor bold choose to pass to the telomere pass again steals, the ball back to the Panther’s hands, the Panthers again up to array and then select 2 conversion, again beaten, the score to 42 more than 15. The battles, Pomoer passing by linebacker khukri interception return touchdown, the score to 49 than 15. Cardinals battles and Pomoer in the vicinity of the midfield was again steals. The fourth is steals, team the seven turnovers in the final scoreline. In 49 than 15

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