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Personal Oakland Golden Grizzlies Iron-on Transfers (Wall Stickers)NO.5732

Officially announced the 2016NBA all star starter, overwhelmed in the East in the backcourt. In a ranking third Raptors guard Kyle Lowry in final stage success came in front of his Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving, successful got an all star starter qualification. In this regard, Owen said, Lori in the season absolutely deserves this award.

“This is his due credit, and obviously there are a lot of players who are more than I should be in the all star game this season.”

Lowry in the season performance very grab an eye, he is currently in this season on behalf of the Toronto Raptors the play 42 games midfielder can send 20.9 points and 5 rebounds, 6.5 assists, comprehensive performance, raptors under his leadership now also in the eastern ranked second place, and with compared Owen in the season due to injury has missed 27 games for the team.

Owen last December 21, only resurfaces, this season he only represent Knight played 15 games, present were 26.8 minutes of playing time, he can get 16.1 points and 2.8 rebounds and 3.9 assists, shooting rate was 41.9%.

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