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NBA regular season continues, the Clippers at home after extra time. 140 than 132 to beat the Rockets, end of rocket 5 game losing streak, but also an end to rocket overtime 11 game winning streak.

Data clippers: Paul 28 points, 12 assists and six steals, J. J – Redick 40 points, deandre Jordan 16 points and 15 rebounds, Paul Pierce 12 points, Crawford 17 points, Wesley Johnson 11 points;

Rocket data: Dwight Howard 36 26 points and rebounds, harden 20 points and 8 assists, Ariza 18 points, Thornton 23 points, five assists, Terrence Jones 10 points 8 rebounds.

Technical statistics

Wonderful Atlas

The rocket opening 5 toulian loses, then harden shot continuous goal, Ariza also scored three points after the ball rocket hit 10-5 start. God pitcher Reddick scored 3 three pointers rate clippers catch, both sides stalemate to 19 level.

Paul hit three pointers and steals Jones, Reddick on James Harden completed shot a four point play, rocket this fall into a passive, harden was sentenced to an offensive foul after Paul reentry shot, the Clippers to 14-2 offensive will be opened the score. The first section of the Clippers 33-21 lead three ball 10 throw in 7, Reddick single scored 15 points.

To strengthen the defense Festival ago rockets, Lawson, Howard and Bloor steals in succession, the Rockets to the pursuit of rhythm played 13-3 counterattack, after minutes 34-38. The Clippers three rain again, Wesley – Johnson scored 3 three pointers, Reddick also once again hit the shot. Howard scored 15 points and 13 rebounds in the first half, led the Rockets to pursue.

The Clippers very determined: Howard festival performances twice after a dunk, the Clippers are quick to help small Jordan back dunk offensive. Howard Crawford Jordan Jr. after capping interference, quickly to send Breuer cover.

Time postganglionic segment Jones shot free throws, Beverly on the back of a small Jordan perform “cut”, small Jordan 1 of 2 free throws; then Paul will also send Dwight Howard to the free throw line, Howard penalty in. Half court rocket 52-59 behind.

Reddick in the third quarter of 2 and a half minutes and scored 3 three pointers, the Clippers two digit advantage reconstruction. The Clippers operation that Redick continuous formation of vacancy shot and harden the heart fire, on the offensive end no ball entanglement and Redick pushing each other, both received a technical foul.

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