Harden: we are grateful to each other to help his teammates to play

Today’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves game, harden with 27 points, 11 rebounds and led the team to five straight wins, “we are playing for each other. This is the most important. When someone left behind, other people can pull him. We are beginning to realize that everything is not always perfect, and that we need to support each other.” Harden said in an interview.

Played very anxious, the last section both sides score is in the lead alternately, with the last two minutes Terry a record three points it will be widened to six points. The last ball wolves had a chance to level the score, but Martin missed a shot.

Harden believes that the beginning of the season, the team during the period of Mchale’s struggle before the period of time, had lost a similar game. “This victory had may slip, but we played very tenacious, especially in the first three sections, we bite the score and when necessary get suspended, and then we’ll score” harden said.

Forest wolf two scholar Lang today played well, Wiggins obtained 28 points and led the team. Downs get 12 points and 16 rebounds double double. The head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves on two small children said: “today we made too many errors, whenever we mistake, the other hit the fast counter attack, layup or dunk. And when the other side of the error, we seem to be at a loss, this is not our normal performance.”

Harden in today’s 492 games, got 10000th points in his career, becoming the first of the 09 students to be crowned mr.. “This is a great personal achievement, thanks to the help of the team. But this is only the beginning, I have a long way to the future.”

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