Mr. Du nu dozen 21 iron! So feel thunder to win really difficult!

A thunder defeat on the golden state, durant scored 40 points 7 rebounds, 4 assists the strength of the data, and a single section 14 points in small tough performance don’t give up hope, but he only 31 shots hit 12 goals, hit ratio is low.


After the game, durant iron handle, a little but not too care about themselves, he said, have to continue to stay aggressive, when put into the ball, you won’t say what, just happened to be missed a lot.


West for today’s game 6, durant said, “we cannot relax, our feet must continue to step on the accelerator, we have to play better. We must get the energy back home, we will see what happens.”


It, durant’s initial two shot did not try to harvest the results, and then he shot again, jumper had scored the game’s first goal. Before long, for he sent less ginobli, which cut dunking. But the first quarter, durant just hit the goal, and eight times while the iron is hot.


Handle up slightly in the second quarter, durant, started by layup up points. Few rounds, durant para Thompson, he caused opponents foul, stepped to firmly hit two goals. To this section in the middle, garage layup, durant on volleyball hands big hat. And then the second attachment, less less sent out assists, durant again strong dunk, lit.


The entire game in the first half, although durant scored 16 points and 4 rebounds, 3 assists game 1 cap, but he still feel is not very good, only six of 19, 6 shots outside the three-point line all out. Durant 19 shots in the first half created individual half-court shot several high, you can see, he is very want to win this war.


Easy edge to fight again, the warriors will the gap narrowed, step by step moving dunk take the green, durant firmly hit. Garage 3-pointers take again, durant shooting drift in response to competitors. Garage again three fallaway jumper, durant also to attempt, he finally 3-pointer after 6 0.


Details of eight points behind the mighty offensive frenzy, spray, however, to brother 3-pointers, and the thunder team attack problems, durant repeatedly while the iron is hot, can’t help the team pick up the slack.


The whole game down, durant shot only 10, 31 had 29 points, 7 rebounds 3 assists, 2 steals and blocks. Durant so feel really thunder run.


Tiebreak coming, hope to play a proper durant kill god grade level, helping the team into the finals!

Kevin durant of little bonus! Shot up 4%! You want to leave him?

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About durant where this summer, opinions vary from all walks of life. There are many factors will affect the durant last choice, but there is a choice is real before the players, and is worth him to consider that is left in a rage and less side by side.


Since entering the NBA, durant is only in the absence of wei less in one season, and a little terror combination rule for many years in the offensive end force may be durant is hard to give up.


During the regular season, wei less created 498 shots opportunities for durant, the playoffs has created opportunity for 77 shots, which makes them become the alliance for the combination of the most frequent, second rondo to god created opportunity for 481 shots.


Kevin durant of little bonus! Shot up 4%! You want to leave him?


For durant, he has 35% of the shots from passing less, and the hit ratio is 58.5% efficient. Durant surplus hit ratio is 54.1%.


Of course, the relationship between the wei du not only feed the ball to less freddy adu. When do less duran for wei cover, the latter holding 73%, the pick-and-roll let them get 0.94 points per turn – on the team level, such alliance rank seventh pick-and-roll efficiency.


Wei is also less durant launched the season conversion attack is the best partner, he has a 55% chance of with durant, in this case, they averaged 1.4 points per turn, this is the league’s second high efficiency.


Durant really want to leave this wei less? If leave this summer, thunder means that he wants to leave a gave him huge bonuses on the offensive end.

James: I don’t know the difference between a flagrant foul and ordinary fouls

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Yesterday, the cavaliers beat Denver 115-84 the raptors, eastern conference finals big score 1-0 lead. On the whole team fouls, raptors on 25-20 more than the knight, and kyle lowry and DE mar – demar derozan is encountered during the teammates for the first time for zero free throws. But lebron James seems to have a little dissatisfied on refereeing decisions, he wants to know the opponent for what he did to the referee blows the flagrant foul.


“I don’t understand completely,” James said in an interview after the end of the training. “When the foul happens to others, I know what is going on, but was fouled when the person is me, I don’t know, I don’t know the difference between the ordinary fouls and malicious foul.”


Match the first half, when James for a rebound head by bismarck – BiYongBo elbow; In the second half, when James a fast-break was blocked by the DE mar – carol’s shoulder, shoulder more touch), the referee just call the common foul; Was again at the end of the third successively, James face BiYongBo collision, but the result is James was an offensive foul, penalty because the referee to judge James before being BiYongBo hit violated demar derozan face.


Team manager, tryon Lu Li pretty James, he thinks that James is not foul because he is always after being fouled act too calm: “now to get malicious foul whistle, however, seems to only be pulled to the fall in the neck. Lebron is too strong, he is not like the other players easy to fall, on the contrary, others often bounce off from him. And a lot of times each other player was knocked down, as long as they hold the head on the ground and 40 seconds don’t get up, the judges will go technology platform, and then add a flagrant foul. I don’t understand.”


Tryon lu said: “we have been let players stay aggressive, hit the body fight, play a ball game in the right way.”

Today to talk about: open a dozen don’t in the east

Small make up is for the raptors fans of grievances. Because in the eyes of many experts, four raptors are easing the bit in the inevitable. Even can see “the raptors don’t swept is victory”, “how can the raptors lose more decent” this title, the east should start, I thought the raptors can contend for breath, finally found to be much more I want to. Play to the east “, is not a east side can put James makes the best.


Today to talk about: open a dozen don’t in the east


Knight continue to abuse food pattern, single section hitting 33-16 games. After the thunder VS warrior look east, such a fan of psychological gap. “Leaf asked” the movie, fan less imperial also in foshan, sweeping and then went home, feeling “foshan a dozen”, has been selling noodles guy fun “won the best that let’s give it a”. Sharp knife the grinding the knight, the warriors and touch up.


Today to talk about: open a dozen don’t in the east


Three years ago, the celtics fans still give Danny ainge heartless, only three years let a 26 wins team quickly turn in anji. The celtics is the backbone of the east of the second echelon now, this year’s draft picks up to eight: 3/16/23/31/35/31/35/58. Sign before the playoffs can get three draft, even if freddy adu in thunder to play in the NBA finals, he should also see Boston two eye. While the lakers may think Russell and clarkson cornerstone is the future of the back, the library will choose frontcourt player has said.


Today to talk about: open a dozen don’t in the east


This year’s first two popular Ben simmons and brandon – Ingram is attacking players, template is lebron James and Kevin durant, respectively. But slightly seen highlights, you will find both of them are not so. Especially Ben simmons, academic bad, desire to win co., LTD., the team NCAA tournament didn’t score. Each seems to be with the characteristics of the “gray” genius in history. Ingram figure it was a bit of KD and shot, slow two took freddy adu.


76 people on the collection of talent has come to the point where crazy, bede, Noel and emeka okafor, completely ignored injury history, technical features and staffing. Rob his team loved one in 76 people this is often the case, don’t

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The Los Angeles Lakers team two young Dan Gilo Russell and Julius – Randall by invited selected USA basketball team selection, will be in the summer and twelve dream team simulation training and help us men’s basketball team to prepare for the Olympic Games in Rio will ace reporter Adrian Werner Kieslowski reports said.

The Lakers two will be selected for the team selection team to assist the dream team preparing for Rio

The Lakers two less selected the United States men’s basketball team

This season, the Lakers continue to slump, 17 wins and 65 losses record the worst record in the history of the team, but the team of young people also get a lot of exercise opportunities. The class of 2015 show Bangyan Russell for the Lakers played 80 games, the presence of 28.2 minutes of time with 13.2 points and 3.4 rebounds 3.3 assists and 1.2 steals. 2014 No. 7, Xiu Randall played 81 times, averaging 28.2 minutes played, with 11.3 points and 10.2 rebounds in the “double double” data.

The United States men’s basketball team is mainly composed of young players NBA, with the national team against training and competition, to help the national team to prepare for the international competition. In August this year, the Rio Olympic Games consists of League superstar “dream twelve” the battle for the country. Selection team of young players will be simulated against them, after the dream team members, mostly from the selection team to choose from.

After many of the Union Star has been named in the men’s basketball team selection, including Indiana team Myers – Turner, Portland Trail Blazers team CJ McCollum, the Phoenix Suns German – Booker, Detroit piston team Ken Tarver Aus – Card vel pop and Stanley – Johnson, Minnesota Timberwolves Zach Lavin, Boston Celtics team Marcus – smart, Utah Jazz Rodney – hood, Milwaukee Bucks team Jabari Parker and the Denver Nuggets team Gary Harris, in addition to the two college players selected, respectively, the Michigan high guard Denzel Valentine and the University of North Carolina striker Bryce Johnson.

Clay: I blame the outbreak of Lillard: This is my dream of a round of the worst

Customs Central Arkansas Bears Iron-on Transfers (Wall Stickers)NO.4107Today the Braves suffered a foul trouble, let opponents 29 times, stand on the free throw line, Andrew Bogut is because foul only played less than 12 minutes, after a media Cole coach evaluation referee, coach Cole wittily said they are great.

“We did not play as usual, the transfer of the ball is not enough, we are a little impatient,” said Cole coach. “We started the defense can also, but we can not get the ball, and finally can only continue to foul. The players are not in good condition.”

“Were cast into the some difficult shots, and retreat step three, we have created for their difficulties is not enough,” coach Cole continued. “Our players and not the kind of a feeling of despair to fight back, the kind of despair is a playoff to win.”

Barnes today 8 vote 2, only 7 points 6 rebounds, Cole did not have too much evaluation, just light to say: “the game is like this, there will be no time to shoot.”

“Curry out affected the team’s rotation, but we must adjust, the only way to better cope with.” To curry out, coach Cole says.

When a reporter asked how to evaluate the performance of Cole, Lillard looked at the data table, and then said: 40 points and 10 assists, yes, he played like an all star player.”

After the game, with Lillard on clay – Thompson initiative to embrace the responsibility that he didn’t do a good job of defense. “He did a great job, most of the blame on me.” Clay said. “We have some tactics not in place today, the one or two pass on the shot, we need more conductive ball.”

Today, Thompson played 38 minutes, 28 voted 14, of which three of the 9 cast 5, cut 35 points.

Coach Cole says he respects the achievements of coach Stotz. “I respect what he’s doing. They are one of my favorite teams. I will watch them when we don’t play.”

Dream green today, 23 investment 13, one-third of the ball 12 shots and 8 37 points and 9 rebounds and eight assists and two turnovers and post match press conference, his Piao one eye data statistics, and then said: “I think this is the worst I round series showed a, you might say, you got a 39 points, nine rebounds and eight assists. But I did not do the things that do not do well in defense. I got only 1 points (in fact two points) in the thunder this season, but that’s a good defense. I can blame someone else, but it’s my fault. We’ll get better, I’ll get better and we’ll win.”

Strong dialogue, refused to swing! Analysis of East Second round of war!

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Compared to the first round of strength levels, to enter the four round of the second group against the strength of more close, the confrontation is also more incentive! In your heart, who is most likely to defeat the enemy, go farther in the playoffs?

Strong dialogue, refused to swing! Analysis of East Second round of war!

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta

Knights and eagles can be said to be the two of the teams in the eastern part of the two season, which is reflected in their playoff performance in the last two seasons. Last season in the Eastern Division finals are in between the two teams this year, Cleveland a clean sweep of the automobile city, Atlanta, costs a little scratch out of Boston, two strong success realignment, for a road leading to the division finals seat.

Strong dialogue, refused to swing! Analysis of East Second round of war!

(Eastern two strong again against)

Currently, the Knights have even two home games, and the regular season three times fights, Knight three matches, averaging win Eagle 9.7 points, dating back to last season’s East never, knight is a four game sweep of the eagle. The face has 9 consecutive games without victory over the opponent, Atlanta how to change the tide?

Key position: James vs Atlanta attack group

If the league in the East, the eagle is the most difficult to cope with the stars who? The non – Lebron James is. Last season’s four game against the East, James field are three pairs of data so that the eagle paid a painful price.

Strong dialogue, refused to swing! Analysis of East Second round of war!

(James is like a mountain, lie in the eagles before)

First, eagle in the face the same cut super small Thomas, had resorted to the fixed clamp and rotation at the periphery of the team’s tactics, the previous accordion is “the small Assassin” hit rate limited to less than three percent, Eagle also successfully won the next two games to end the series race.

Strong dialogue, refused to swing! Analysis of East Second round of war!

(little Thomas is really hard to deal with this.)

But they are now faced with the star Thomas replaced James, the situation is different. Bradley after the injury, the Celtics outside shooters reserve is extremely scarce, and Thomas because of its style and height restrictions, difficult in the face of sandwiched between the first time the ball came, so to say Eagle promotion are also expected,. But the two weakness, which appears on the green army, is not going to happen to James and the knight.

Strong dialogue, refused to swing! Analysis of East Second round of war!

Pack? Today, the first half of the day, the pitcher gave the eagle a lesson!

James’s overall view and passing technology for all to see, and the knight’s perimeter shooter reserves is very adequate! After a lapse of one year again face James Wong, the eagle attacking players can time to come up with new tricks to limit James, is the key to about this series trend! After all, there are James in the team, in the case of the series 2-0 start of the situation has never been eliminated, leaving the eagle to adjust the time is not a lot of……

Backcourt which strong? The two guy turns over the game

Miami and Toronto ushered in the playoff semi-final first battle. Conventional time Lowry distal pressure half-time whistle three drag the game into overtime, but failed to grasp the opportunity, eventually 96-102 regrets negative heat, high score 0-1 backwardness.

Raptors Waland Nath two pairs of 24 points and 14 rebounds, Derozan 22 points and 6 rebounds, Lori 13 3 only 7 points, but hit the key third drag the game into overtime.

Miami Dragic 26 points and 6 rebounds, Dwyane Wade 24 points and 6 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals, Joe – Johnson 16 points and seven rebounds, Whiteside 9 points and 17 rebounds.


Technical statistics

Automatic playback switch

Automatic play

[original] Miami 102-96 Lori three minutes Wade Raptors Nitian key steals overtime win



[original] Miami 102-96 Toronto Lori guards three minutes to pull Pingwei…

[collection] Miami 102-96 Toronto Lori guards three minutes to pull Pingwei…

[star] Wade highlights key steals layup with 24+6 cut overtime…

[star] Deluozan highlights 22 points back to the old is exquisite…

[star] highlights Dragic scored 26 points repeatedly impact inside…

Miami vs Toronto five ball Los Ruichao three Wade steals life away…

God: from the perspective of multi perspective into the midfield magic buzzer three lori…

[scoring] have to look at the old driver! The last time Wade steals de…

[three] Lori incarnation of straw! Ultra far three points…

[scoring] a critical moment to see the veteran Wade to control the rhythm of the cast…


The field star: old rocket will be meritorious

Dragic will first grab wild performance in Game 7 of the copy to the semi final, section heat in trouble, Dragic stand help the team smooth differential, the third day, he got 10 points, the heat to seize the initiative in the key and scored 26 points and 6 rebounds, Djokovic again crime.

Game review: Miami hand to hand combat victory

Campaign, DeMar Derozan even get 4 points to help the Raptors first to seize the initiative, Wade beater jumper also with color, Waland Nath subsequently plays the attacker role, continuous in the offensive end shooting inroads to help the Raptors maintain a leading, when Mr Varin in this section the left about 2 minutes time cut basket dunk, he had six voted 5 to get 10 points, while the Raptors at this time is leading 18-13. The heat and then completed a counterattack, Richardson in the outwire wind in the third, and Amare Stoudemire also fadeaway jumper, the heat in the first section at the end of the 18 leveled the score.

Times back, Joe – Johnson began to break out, he even took 7 points to help the heat to the score over 25-22. The Raptors, Terrence Ross also firepower, in his lead, the home team to find feel offensive. When Carol in the postganglionic segment soared in three points, the Raptors suspected leading 41-35. De Rakic in Miami in trouble, stand up, he even get 6 points to help the heat will tie the score. Waland Nath then fouled two free throws after the end of the first half to lead 43-41, toronto.

Side battles the second half, Wade up he soared in third, DeMar Derozan jumper also to color, the two sides on the offensive end formed confrontation, difference in long time have failed to open, this section left for four minutes and 43 seconds, DeMar Derozan hit the jumper, the Raptors to 59-60 backward. Dragic then angry again, not only turnaround jumper and still fell turned in at the same time soared in incredible third, with his outstanding play, the heat set up 7 points ahead. Terrence Ross then break dunk after the end of the third quarter, the Raptors to 63-68 behind.

Distal, Dragic continued to plenty of firepower, not only soared in the third, also hit the jumper, with his hot performance. The heat at one time will lead to expand to 10 points. But the Raptors apparently unwilling to surrender, they then set off a hit back wave 12-4 offensive, after Joseph breakthrough succeeded, the Raptors will score pursues 81-83. Distal end of left 40 seconds, Dragic again hit three key points, the heat to the lead expanded to 5 points, Lori then attack being Wade capping, raptors after continuous use of Foul Tactics to gain time, Richardson the whistle before 19 seconds made two free throws, the heat to lead 89-83.

However, after this script changed, Terrence Ross before the whistle in 6.5 seconds soared in third, chase the Raptors 89-90, magic continues, Lori in the last moment hit 12 meters ultra far three points, score magical chase into 90 square, the two sides into overtime.

Overtime, the heat regain control of the situation, Joe – Johnson and Luol Deng succession procurable. Wade also even two goals in the heat hit a wave of 8-0 offensive, but the Raptors then set off a counterattack, Waland Nath before the whistle 10.6 seconds is cruel buckle procurable, the Raptors to 96-99 backward. Then DeRozan mistakes, Wade fast break dunk at 2+1, the final heat to win 102-96, made a good start.

Emergency: Whiteside injury insurance

In the first section in the middle, Whiteside slips in a pick and roll along after, white edge lying on the floor pain covered his right knee, slow motion shows, Whiteside in instantaneous leg slip completely bent, then he limped into treatment in the locker room, in the second section than in the game. Whiteside returned to combat in the field, his injury looks does not cause illness.

The first two: