Wade Kobe: for the first time on war capping his lifetime

The Miami heat will today away to the Losangeles Lakers, this will be the last meeting between Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant. Wade recalled the first year showdown with Kobe, he admitted to Kobe’s cap made him a lifetime.

Wade admits there is a moment, maybe a lot of people have been forgotten, but forever in my mind. “It is the first time since I entered the NBA against the Lakers, when all star weekend I and Kobe also said this thing. In fact, the entire basketball history, it may be pointless moment.” Wade said.

“We were the Lakers ruthless K a meal, they have Kobe in the array, the big shark O’neal,” gloves “Payton and Malone – Carle. It was in the second half, when the game was over, I had a 2 foul, so I didn’t do it. Then I got a defensive Kobe on the break opportunity, I was very nervous.” Wade talking.

“But I covered him, for me, is this. Really cool earthshaking feeling, I covered him, then the next round of score on him. I feel great. For him, they may not have any feeling, leading by 30 points or 40 points, but for me, this means that the whole world.” Wade said.

Yibaka: outstanding performance from continuous efforts to let us better double less

“Oklahoma” newspaper reported, in the game yesterday thunder vs raptors, Ibaka audience played 33 minutes cut 15 points, eight rebounds and 2 blocks, more dazzling is, he scored positive and negative values of up to + 39. That is to say, when he was on the floor, thunder can win the Raptors have 39 points, he is on the court allowed to prevent, this also let his teammates after the game on the field of his performance was full of praise.

Duhem Vitesse: “if he (IBA) can always so out of cover, shot and continue to lead the attack, then we will be very difficult to beat.”

Johnny: “opponent must pay special attention to player so he can in about 15-17 foot hit the shot, because such a shot for him (IBA) is simply come in handy, now his ability in the reading of the game and the game make reaction and other aspects are stronger than ever the.”

Thunder coach Donovan Billy: “he (Ibaka) is now a more profound understanding of the game, and now he is able to change the team in the defensive end only hand.”

When it comes to their outstanding performance in this field, it is said yibaka he has been training hard achievements.

“This is something I’ve been working on for the entire season, and I think I’m going to get it right now.”

Thunder yesterday a total hit the 41 goals warfare, including 29 from assists in an interview yesterday, Ibaka said the team can play so tacit attack and Kevin Durant and Granville less excellent instigated ability is absolutely inseparable.

“We played well, and Russell and Kevin did well in the move, and they made us feel that we are part of the team.”

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NBA regular season continues, in a game just ended, the thunder in the final 111-92 victory over the Spurs home court.

Thunder, Durant 20 13 to get 31 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists, Westbrook 18 10 got 29 points, six rebounds and eight assists, Kanter get 20 points and 10 rebounds, Ibaka get 15 points and eight rebounds.

The Spurs, GDP and dual German campaign had ended in a truce, West had 17 points and 6 rebounds, Simmons get 17 points, marjanovic got 13 points and 6 rebounds, Andre Miller had 11 points and eight rebounds, Dior has been 10 points.

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According to ESPN reports, the Mavericks guard Deron Williams will be due to the absence of the team’s strained muscle for at least the next two games.

Due to a strained muscle, Williams did not play yesterday versus the Mavericks and warriors of the game, the Mavericks in the hope of Delong to return in the local time on Sunday against the king of the game, but he was in after training feel his abdominal muscle injury is still not able to fully recover. It is reported that he has now returned to Dallas for injuries were further evaluation, Deron Williams in an interview said in fact the injuries in recent weeks it has been bothering him.

“This (the injury) has not diminished in the past period of time, I am trying to do some training today, but there is still very painful.”

With the jazz today defeated the Minnesota, Dallas has now slipped to the west is the ninth now Parsons just recently announced the reimbursement of the season, while Williams is now in injury problems, losing team second, on the 3rd scorer calf visible is currently in a very sinister situation, in today’s interview Drilon said in order to advance in the playoffs, the team must be to find ways to take the future every game.

“This is very frustrating, now we need to take as much as possible in the future every a game, now we have no time to wait. If I feel when I play I won’t again hurt myself or damage to the whole team, I want to re debut match.”

Bobo: we need to learn from the defeat of what

A game this morning in the end, the thunder in the final home court to 111-92 victory over the Spurs seven game winning streak.

Campaign thunder, Dewey less co punches together cut 60 points and led the team to success in their own home overcomes the powerful enemy, in after Durant said, with the Spurs opponent played for the team’s promotion is bound to play to the great role in promoting.

“For us. This is an opportunity to improve themselves, to cultivate the habit, they start playing did not affect us, we just continue to play our game, and do what we should do.”

Absence of the Spurs, the campaign their core lineup (Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Aldridge, Leonard) fully, which to a great extent weaken their overall combat capability, but their young players in front of such a high level of opponents also has been divided into ten precious opportunities to experience, admitted after the game the Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, the team of young people need from such an uphill battle to learn something.

“Ultimately they did what they want to accomplish, and today they ruthlessly kicked our butts, today we actually do have very good, but you need to learn to something, in this case is win or lose is, in fact, really nothing.”

Spurs forward David West today got the team with the highest 17 points and 6 rebounds. At the end of the game the 36 year old veteran for thunder strength given the highly, he believes that San Antonio Spurs canzhen team if you want to beat the thunder, then their presence will never tolerate any mistake.

“I know, we are all professional players, so we must to give enough effort on the court, when you can only to such a small number to fight such a high level team, you can hardly make any mistakes can give you a winning opportunities.”


A brother Qi Fawei warriors swept the Clippers this season

This is the home court against the Clippers warriors, two teams this season, fourth games. The ultimate warrior with 114-98 swept the clippers, continue to refresh the home court winning streak.

The second half brothers were splashing over the game, 33 points and 4 rebounds and 5 assists curry soup of God 3 steals, 32 points, 12 points and 12 rebounds and two pairs of Green Bogut, comeback get 10 rebounds.

The Clippers Paul scored 16 in 4 feel cold, but there are only 13 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists, Jordan 19 points and 20 rebounds and two pairs of small cut, Rivers 16.

Du Shaotan of Oklahoma City View: This is my home.

Two months before, when the thunder team visit the Knicks. Durant was asked his impression of New York last week to visit TD Banknorth garden players, is also a reporter asked his views of Boston. The big ball, the Yankees will become the free player superstar, put it all together, at this time seems to have this question is also very good understanding.

But yesterday, outside the restaurant not far from the Chesapeake energy arena of their own, Durant carrying mother appeared on the red carpet for a charity fundraiser, he again asked the several high-profile problems. One is: “you are asked to view in several cities, how to do that? The city?”

“It is,” replied Durant, “here is the home.”

As in the past several times asked similar questions like, Durant and revealed he on July 1 after the whereabouts, but when it comes to Oklahoma City where he spent seven years time, Durant reiterated that here is a home.

“I have always felt that this city is a lot to me,” said Durant. “He has a special place in my heart and my family. And we want to give back to those who are less fortunate than us, my mother and my grandmother who taught me to grow up, and I want to give back to the community. I have been so lucky, I want to bring happiness to others.”

Whenever the thunder what project, almost the entire team will attend, including Westbrook, Ibaka, Adams and collison, player appears in the event.

Durant’s fund-raising campaign is to raise funds for his foundation, one of the project is to renovate the old basketball court. He has built a new stadium for a primary school, and soon after going to build a. Part of it had just Oklahoma City to make contribution, in November last year him to give for poor children reconstruction canteen project contributions.

“When I engaged in this work since, every day we came to the same arena,” said from the age of 18 will be selected Durant thunder (supersonic) effect, thunder general manager Sam Presti said, “I can tell you the truth, I never felt my work team Durant is a matter of course, over the years, he has not only grown for a stable and impressive players, field he is also so. Is this.”

James a second change really giant “Erwin Le Fu is required to ensure the steady state 双语对照

The Cavaliers had just ended 5 days of 4 hard schedule, their first three game winning streak, and the battle is defeated Saline Lake city.

Lost to the Jazz game, Cavaliers filling weakness, only the performance of the James a fairly normal, other players have arrhythmia, bliss and Owen total only 34 voted 11. Cleveland coach tyronn Lue said, “the last game I feel like we lost a leg.” Lu guidance also said that considering the playoffs approaching, the team will arrange the holiday, so that players can have a better physical reserves.

Today ushered in the 4 day war of 3 Knights of the race, then they will also play Dallas home court, back-to-back away to play magic and miami. Dallas tyronn Lue to James holiday, led by Kevin and Erwin.

This one up, Erwin and Kevin have scored, but the Mavericks have Nowitzki in color. And Owen a sweep play blacksmith haze, the first section even vote with sudden scored 11 points, and happiness, feel still cold, only 5 investment accounted for 3.

The second section Lok Fu lead to fire, storm inroads and Owen is continually 5 points, this time the two sides divided into poor gap has to double digits. Dallas attack shortly after beginning to improve, they will be trailed by 20 points to one point one points up only 3 points. Desperation tyronn Lue called timeout, back after Le Fu of the three-point line the right-hand side from the knife to fall, Della break layup, again will be divided into difference slightly opened.

Half down, Carrefour has 14 points and 10 rebounds, Erwin is 12 throw in 7 scored 16 points. After the last game, Erwin gave himself a shot, and today he feels immediately back.

Easy side battles, the Cavaliers played the momentum, Erwin and Kevin played really big style. Two people have opened fire first Owen started attacking the first gun, killing the basket and shot outside everything, happiness is a series of life COSCO investment, two points difference once again been opened.

Tenacious distal calf still desperately chasing points, and defensive end strength was also up, knight, frequent errors, happiness is difficult to shot. When the Mavericks will Zhuizhi the score just two, Owen critical moment shot hit, Nowitzki respond immediately and Owen in the next attack passes a ball out of bounds. At the last minute, Owen and completed the self salvation, he steals Harris after being sent to the free throw line and two free throws in to seal the victory for the team.

Game down, Erwin 13 in 33 to 28 points and 5 assists, Le Fu 23 points 18 points rebounds and 2 blocks.

James truce situation, Erwin and Le Fu both force show giant character, although the game to win the thriller, but the situation is still controlled by the knight. I hope these two people continue to have stable performance, helping the Cavaliers and James deus ex, complete title industry.

Kobe will be sent back to the last ticket fans? Donate 10 dollars to the first!

According to CBS sports coverage, Bryant will be by sending two Lakers last home front row tickets to raise money, in order to end their final game.

From Bryant announced after the end of the season he retired that day, the Los Angeles Lakers matches tickets began to like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou prices as soaring. A game, especially, that is April 14, the Lakers home games against the Jazz game – Kobe Bryant’s final game, the game ticket prices high is still in short supply.

Aware of their last game tickets so sought after, Bryant and ticket sales platform for cooperation will be in a charity fundraising way to the fans sent two tickets. In addition to the first row of seats is outside, lucky will also have the opportunity to clap with the Lakers players in the game.

If you want to participate in this event, the fans need at least $10 donation to the ticket platform. All donations will be divided into three parts were merged in the Bryant family foundation, Los Angeles after school all stars and the Positive Coaching alliance.

“As players struggled for 20 years, April 14 will become me, for the team and for the fans a memorable night,” Bryant said in a promotional video. “We are creating the whereabouts of the epic experience three great charity, these funds will be used to provide after-school tutorials and actively training for children in Los Angeles.”

This activity can not only create a unique experience for the two fans can also concern for Kobe Bryant three nonprofit organization to raise money for charity and is full of a win-win situation.

The new king will sign? The 28 year old record of 28 library!

The 27 year old Stephen curry in the past 366 days is almost hard to beat, on the first day he was 28 years old, ESPN listed him in the past year gains of 28 achievement:

1, basic data: averaging 29.1 points and 6.8 assists and 4.9 rebounds, hit rate of 50.9%, of which three hit rate as high as 47.1%.

2, from March 14, 2015 to March 13, 2016, he scored 29.1 points in the League ranked first in the league.

In 3, he was busy in the league in scoring Yiqijuechen, his assists and lead the warriors team. Peter Raymond – Green 540 assists in just 5.

4, from the library of assists, no one more than another benefit Thompson splash brothers. He has 162 shooting from Curitiba assists. Thompson Cooley assists hit the shot number than any other teammates more.

5, he was the player of the year efficiency of 31.3, the whole alliance is the best.

6, he is in the fourth quarter and overtime in player efficiency rating? 41.8, this figure is too high to describe the words.

7, the key moment (section fourth and the last 5 minutes of overtime, scoring at least 5 points) the player efficiency rating? 42.9, there’s nothing more to say.

8, during which the library won 73 victories, including 22 for the fourth quarter of game he did not play.

9, the fourth quarter data, curry’s total score ranked 13th in the league, positive and negative value of the second league, one-third of the ball hit number of League one, playing time ranked 207 in the alliance.

10, when the library on the court, 1059 warriors margin of victory. But in the end more than 1300 minutes in Curitiba, 155 warriors net negative opponent.

11, he became the team’s history second players harvest MVP. Another is the 1959-60 season of Chamberlain.

12, last season he birthday, curry in the League third on the list ranking No.59, today, a year after soared to No. 25.

13, a connecting bar, far beyond his legend: Gary Payton, Steve Smith, Wesley Payson, Dennis Scott, chuck – Payson, Alan Houston, LeBron – James, Manu Ginobili, Mitch Richmond Meng De, Dan Majerle, Anthony – Walker and his father Dell curry.

During 14, he hit 396 three pointers, ranking second? Thompson made 256.

In 15, three points, the gap between curry and Thompson, more than forty-sixth between Thompson and Mills gap.

16. He shot 5 times in the year. This data is better than 4 Kobe, 3 Randolph and 1 Garnett.

17, during the league only 4 players steals than curry: Westbrook, Trevor Ariza, Paul and Leonard.

18, three single day curry cut at least 25 points during the League left all the players add up to three times.

19, he up to 30 feet away shots from the hit rate of 41%, this figure to than finals opponent dellavedova shots in the restricted area of the high hit rate (39%).

20, during the three Currie single game scoring more than 50 points. Only 2 players in the league have scored more than 50 points on his birthday: O’neal, Wilkins.