Fresno State Bulldogs Stickers

1, the pistons beat the raptors, drummond 13 consecutive games won two pairs, he got two pairs of a total of 51 games in all competitions this season data!


29 data cool: god zhuang 51st two pairs of 13 consecutive season!


2, the blazers beat the pacers, vladimir radmanovic scored 33 points, this is his 10th consecutive scoring 20, for the first time in his career with such a performance.


His 20 points in the first quarter, the game has set a new personal career scoring record first.


3, magic beat 76, aron – Gordon scored 22 points and seven rebounds, he scored a personal career highs, after his scoring record is 19 points.


4, the heat against the knicks, veteran, Joe – Johnson with a 3-pointer for his career in the heat of the first point, his career break through 19000 points at the same time.


5, timberwolves lost to the Dallas mavericks, a friendly Carl Anthony downs 12 points, 11 rebounds, 34 times this season two double harvest.

The end of 13 straight 111-106 victory over the Memphis

The sun home court against the grizzlies. The sun in the home court to a 111-106 victory over the opponent, the end of the previous 13 game losing streak.

Sun six players scored in double figures, 22 points and 16 rebounds Lynn, Tucker 17 points and 11 rebounds, Goodwin 12 points, Tai Lito Vecchi 18 points, Booker 15 points, the price of 12 points, Chandler 7 12 rebounds.

Grizzly Randolph 19 points, Barnes 16 points and 6 rebounds, Conley 19 points and eight assists, Chalmers 15 points and three steals, Stephenson 12 points, Carter 5 3 rebounds.

The rocket cuts Thornton agent: he wants more playing time to several media reports said Houston, in the piston and trading after the abortion, the Rockets cut team defender Marcus Salton. Thornton’s agent Toni Sadat confirmed this news.

According to said dart. “He (Thornton) want to win, you want to go to a place to play. I thought he had a chance here, I think his time here has proved his ability. He just needs more time, the team found here can not achieve his wish.”

Before the deal, the Rockets will Thornton and Mo Tai Jonas packaged and sent to the piston, but due to Mo Tai examination did not pass the cancellation of the transaction. Since the cancellation of the deal to return to the Rockets, Thornton has not played.

The 47 game of the season for the team played, Thornton averaged 10 points, 2.4 rebounds and 1.4 assists. According to dart said there were many teams wanted to get his customers.

Antonio Brown – or in the next season of dancing with the stars show

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Recently, many social media broke the news, the Pittsburgh Steelers took over Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) will participate in “dancing with the stars” for a season record.

Because Brown and the show’s Twitter recently frequent interaction, let people guess the reality should be true. Steelers official said team for Mr Brown will appear in the programme and knowledge, the team at present the center of gravity in the draft.

If Brown is determined to participate in the 22nd season’s dancing with the stars program, then he will be the third Steelers players to participate in the program, after respectively is Haynes ward (Hines wards) and Jacob Jones (Jacoby Jones). This program has also previously invited Jerry – Les (Jerry Rice), Emmet Smith (Emmitt Smith), Michael Erwin (Michael Irvin) and other NFL players.

It is reported that the program will be broadcast in the United States on March 8th.

Veteran running back Jackson hope to continue the occupation career

Don’t think that running back Fred Jackson (Fred Jackson) in this offseason and some veteran retired.

NFL official website reporter Ian – Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that spent his 35 birthday in just the past weekend, Jackson wants to continue occupation career in the 2016 season.

Jackson last season as the third running backs for the Seattle Seahawks completed 32 times the ball made 257 yards 2 touchdowns will become a free agent.

In the occupation career, Jackson is no longer a credible threat to punch the ball. But he still can be used as the ball type running back, passing the protector and the team leader to help the team.

Nets general manager campaign in the final stages Three people are expected to pick up Billy – gold

ESPN report, general manager of the nets campaign into the final stages of their new general manager will be in Brian colangelo gilroy, artoo lars – carney gas and Sean Max between three people. It is understood that the nets hope to select the new general manager within this week.


50 crown tayloe reputation and experience is his advantage, he once served as the SUNS (1994-2006) and the raptors (2006-13), general manager in 2005 and 2007 years, he twice elected general manager of the year.


Although the crown tayloe has made such as off kidd in return for marbury, with top sign selected bargnani and so on the decision of the failure, but he can still to be reckoned with, he will infuse new power for the nets.


44, lithuanians carney gas is currently the nuggets assistant manager, his resume is also very striking, especially at the international level.


He used to play in overseas for many years, in the course of the nuggets, he brings to the team about ji, and other respectively.there nur deed all the international players. Although he has never served as general manager, Mr. Gas the nets draft picks in the hands of a few, but now carney line of gas candidate eye is very helpful for them.


Max is SAN Antonio’s current assistant manager, he has been playing for seven NBA teams, played 230 games.


40, Max before joining the SAN Antonio spurs uniform group, worked for the SAN Antonio spurs coach gregg popovich worked as assistant, also served as the spurs development league team, general manager of he has a wealth of experience. The spurs have made great success, the nets will undoubtedly need his experience.