Typical less + atypical du The thunder began in earnest

Black and white and double peak of the grizzlies also with thunder of the first world war, but Randolph relegated to substitute, play ball instead of grizzly bears are not completely with the thunder of the first world war.


Du it start to feel bad, only 2 of 10 shots in the first half, but a killed red eye, brooke is enough to the grizzlies. Less basic abandoned today cosco distance shooting, but 1 vigorously to kill each other in the box, old Tony – Allen, Barnes and xiao li has no ability to resist, almost devoured by him.


Less equally powerful terrorist on the defensive end, his half-time on stealing the ball twice after riding the drama of the dunk, with sharp incomparable breakthrough is often split grizzlies defence, less wei scored 16 points and six assists for his team-mates, and did not appear a mistake, the thunder will lead to expand to 20 points.


If today we see a typical less words, so he’s performance is absolutely is a typical well.


The crosshair is not in the first half, he again in the second half back immediately feel, 2 has been cast from the start to 9 to 15 in 7, 21 consecutive scoring more than 20 points, what is more valuable, he after missing a showed extremely terror will to win, as the team’s number one privilege player, he grabbed 16 rebounds in just three time, including four offensive rebounds (tied a career high), even touch ups and downs, also can use other ways to help the team.


Jordan 28 years old when he got the first champions league, and this year is more mature and durant brooke will be over the age of 28, thunder began in earnest after the turn of the year, in the face of playoff teams level grizzlies easing the bit in easily, as long as two to keep healthy, less strength no problem among the top five. But this year with the warriors and the SAN Antonio spurs west two big devil king guard, they rushed out of the west? If meet again lebron, whether they can finish revenge? These are still uncertain.

23 points, seven rebounds wade bosh downturn The heat win against the wizards

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Miami bosh 23 points and seven rebounds, Della, ji 18 points and five assists, Gerald green 15 points, wade 10 3 only had eight points and 4 rebounds; The wizards theo 14 points and five assists, gortat 12 points and 13 rebounds, sessions 13 points and five assists.


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Miami heat 97-75 the wizards bosh outbreak highlights 】 【 wade hanging basket dunk

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Miami heat 97-75 the wizards bosh outbreak highlights 】 【 wade hanging basket storm…

[star] bosh highlights 23 points wit suitable to fly under the buckle

[injured] desperately! Gortat rebound collapses cannot hide pain…

Johnson to block a career-best buzzer 】 【 Della ji shao…

[cap] hale and hearty Udonis haslem struggling to block temple

[cap] to be easy! Bosh dunk heng frith directly…

[cap] Johnson straight at the basket Invite the temple to eat hot pot…

[cap] mad! Whiteside two shots into the hot pot feast

“Slam Dunk” this acceleration response Theo straight killed inside split…

“Slam Dunk” beno udrih endorsement Bosh conveniently turned and double ball…


Although whiteside in game 3 for 9 offensive efficiency is not high, but he has played an important role on the defensive end not only to 13 rebounds, also sent six big hat, here’s a list of “white” the sixth time this season six blocks, no one can enemy alliance. Whiteside, not only to protect the area, his defensive range can be extended to the three-point line, is the most important defensive sluice, the heat heat it can let the wizards single section only 7 points, scored 75 points in the match, whiteside ShouGong it minister.


Review: the wizards crash swallow defeat in the second quarter


In December 8, the two sides met, Miami negative wizards 103-114. Bill because of a broken leg to continue a truce, bosh even with four points, then assists layup with deng, led the heat with 10-3 start. Wall even 5 points counterattack led by the wizards, wizards realize overhauling. Bosh turn around jumper, the heat steady again leading to a 25-24 leading the wizards end first quarter 1, Chris bosh and 3 of 4 for first 10 points.


War in the second quarter, Chris bosh and Taylor Johnson has made three points, the heat will lead to eight points. The wizards even after 5 minutes, gortat in the basket, with the sprained my ankle when fate again after processing. Winslow send large cap sealing wall layup, ji Della even take 5 horn blew the heat onslaught, send wade fast-break dunk, whiteside guarding the basket even send big hat, 18-2 in the first half home-country crowd blasted off the heat when 50-31 wizards 19 points. Wizards 22 in the second quarter 2 of 7 points, only the first half score for the last 5 minutes and 35 seconds swallow zero, theo 0 for 8 failed to score in the second quarter. The heat had 25 points in the second quarter, conceding only seven points is the second low heat history single section runs.


Wizards began even take four points in the third quarter, whiteside show defensive strength, will first temple jump shot to fly, then send to gortat nail plate big hat, theo dissatisfaction with the referee call for technical fouls, deng three hit and hold the game. Theo fast-break dunk, then the cic, lead chased wizards, 3 goals whiteside, Della ji in two jumpers, next layup scoring, the Miami heat beat the wizards, and led 73-51 wizards 22 points into the fourth.


Bosh 7 points, the heat will lead to 27 points in the fourth quarter. Game will belong to lose the suspense, the fourth into the substitute to clean up the battlefield, the heat away slowly but surely.


The starting line-up


In 2015 the NFL atypical summary report

As usual, 3 games London this year attracted a lot of the audience and television viewers, the difference is yahoo paid $17 million for the network broadcast rights, Internet users around the world and won great reputation, Britain immediately after the game and the NFL’s contract until 2025, the next 10 years the NFL game will be continued in the world’s most famous football stadium. Feel the great charm of the NFL’s giants have an olive branch to the NFL, big companies such as apple, Google and amazon joined the NFL network broadcast rights struggle to, Forbes magazine also predicted that apple can broadcast to earn $24 billion on Thursday night.

Nobody can casually on the super bowl


After more than four months, and the fierce battle 17 weeks 256 games, 12 seasons has booked the playoffs, the future of a month, they will be setted for February 7, 2016, the 50th annual super bowl tickets to struggle. In early November, the official show just have identified by the British king cool music to play (Coldplay) led, to fans don’t understand, they often millions of anybody not reported by the media, but is “the super bowl on paying” talk.