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Fortunately, I came to the wild horse here and ran into a big brother who did not care about these guys. Really, I was lucky. I grew up with two great players: Dawkins Champ and Bailey Brain. Look around the league, one of the best and the most professional, the most worthy of the defensive guard, and I have the honor to work together with them. When they saw me in the training ground to demonstrate skill, the election and not simply not important, soon they began to strongly to coach let me strive for the play. That year I won the honor of a team of Rookie All, and from that year I have maintained the elite level.

But the brand is still unsuccessful. Even if you prove yourself, it will always be with you. Owned and lack of origin of the difference is: when you have the so-called “descent”, everything you do is in let others confirm that you are an elite; when you lack the so-called “descent”, everything you do is to continue to prove you can is the elite.

Many times this difference will be reflected in the subtle. In January last year, I tore the anterior cruciate ligament, so many people think I’m done. For most of the players, if they are 25 years old, they will be very optimistic that he will come back. But it happened to me, I do not know why, a lot of people think: he finished, he even came back will not return to the previous state of the”.

7 months after my perfect return, so many people took a surprise, but also played in the season Bowl Pro and Pro All standard, so they took a surprise.

15 year early summer, rugby analysis website Football Focus Pro released their TOP NFL 100 player list, I ranked fourth, second only to Watt Aaron, Rodgers Justin and Houston J.J..

When this list came out, many people began to question why I would rank so high. But for me, it’s not strange to tell the truth.

Pro Football Focus to their measure, then named their ranking, verified with large amounts of data and video game with a lot of projects. But in the final analysis, they only use a standard measure, is also the most simple standard: the actual performance of the players. Quote a paragraph of their description: this list is based on the performance of each player in the 2014 season. Not by the players before the season and after the potential impact, this list does not reflect the talent, it reflects the actual performance of the players on the field throughout the 2014 season. This also makes the PFF list with other scoring system different, this list don’t pay attention to who you are. They don’t care about your rounds and reputation. It focuses on a point: your performance? And then use a standard measure of what your performance is in the league.

For the corner guard, you only need them to complete the two tasks: first, do not let the other side of the release of the other, and secondly, do not let the other side to get a large number of your body. The 2014 season I didn’t release a touchdown. I did not make each other took over in my body got more than 22 yards receiving and two data is 0, which is equivalent to — if I were inside baseball pitcher, I the whole season in every game have not been played over hits and a grand slam.

And a few months later, the NFL Network announced their top 100 list, in some extent, exactly the opposite of the list of the list and PFF. This list is between players selected out of the, and do not have a fixed standard. When a list is “not a standard”, it usually means that the standard is actually the default concept of our daily life – the number of points we judge from the intuition: name, origin, reputation.

So Network NFL out of the list, I do not have to look at it already know the results, and I really did not guess wrong.

There is no me in the list.

Remember the idea was forgotten by the fact that: This is the NFL out of the player’s daily.

So, I know I’m not famous enough, and I know that I will always be on someone else. But I know who you are and I know their capable, but I know only a way to let other people will not forget my name:

Win the super bowl!

National League finals: the Panthers scored 49 points victory over the Cardinals

15 to 16 playoff League of nations finals, held in the Carolina Panthers home, League of nations No. 2 seed Arizona Cardinals away game challenges the Carolina Panthers, the winner will enter Super Bowl challenge earlier produced beauty League Championship, Denver Broncos.

Section one game by the Cardinals first attack, the Cardinals twice ran the ball won only 3 yards, third Carson – Pomoer (Carson Palmer) pass fail choose punt; after the ball came to the hands of panther, a less success running the ball, the second gear quarterback cam Newton pass find to brown scored 14 yards came in the first half, then ran a, receiver gene (Ted Ginn) won 13 yards to the Cardinals 32 yards at, then panther to Cardinals 27 yard line can’t forward again, choose 45 yard shot at 3-0 lead the visitors. To become beautiful, take again failed Pomoer Cardinals battles, the Panthers defensive front to make a big pressure, two consecutive passes, the third pass found running backs Johnson (David Johnson scored the first file, then attack unsuccessful Cardinals abandoned kick; Panther gene punt returns attacking effect is good, get a 32 yard directly to the Cardinals 49 yard line and a third level 2 yards, Newton found old partner for nearly end front Orson (Greg Olsen), the latter beautiful vacated the ball 12 yards to the Cardinals 29 yards, then a complex run ball tactics gene ball after the first rushed to the left with teammate barrier and personal ability, to the right takes to run issued array, the Panthers 10 – 0 lead. Cardinals battles, the third attack came to the Cardinals for 44 yards. After the Cardinals first run Wei Johnson quarterback, took over the Pomoer outside. After a design from the outside over Fitzgerald pass, however two fancy tactics with only 2 code, then the Cardinals again punt; Panther attack again, third gear 8 yards, panthers 14 yard line in. After a Newton pass find regional rival defensive loopholes in exon 10 Corey Brown took over, the latter after the ball to get rid of the safeties escapement hold Yimapingchuan directly with 86 yard touchdown, the Panthers 17 0 lead.

Section II tournament Cardinals offensive file 2 6 yards, running backs Johnson rushed for 23 yards to the Panthers 37 yard line, 3 10 yards. Quarterback Pomoer captured to kill the ball, the ball was picked up a panther linebacker khukri luck kuechly), the ball in situ conversion. The Panthers would attack, three attacks failed to choose punt. Cardinals offensive, 3rd gear for 11 yards in Pomoer Cardinals 35 yard line passing successfully got the first of the new file, the Panthers two fouls later to Panthers 43 yard line, running backs Johnson beautiful rush with under 15 yards to the Panther 28 yard line. After Pomoer two passes to the Panther 3 yard line. 2, Johnson road rushed the ball under the Cardinals first score, 7 more than 17 cardinals. Panther attack did not take first file choose punt, attack back hand Peterson, Patrick Peterson meet punt mistakes, off the ball again to retrieve the Panther players, the Panthers from the Cardinals 46 yard line began to attack, just Peterson of error in the marker gene Aymara foul, but also gave the Panthers a first file, then the Panthers ran Wei Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) twice ran with the ball on the immediate 1 yard line, third score, Newton himself rushes, with excellent physical fitness jump to one pile, the ball across the line, the Panthers again touchdowns and 24 / 7 leading. Cardinals attack again, the first tranche of the attack Pomoer captured kill ball players once again was Panther grab, ball in situ, Panther from the Cardinals 31 yard line began to attack. 2 10 yards, cornerback Peterson steals the mistakes in front of Newton pass, return to the Panthers 22 yards. However, the first attack to the cardinals, Pomoer region pass again by the Black Panther steals. To choose the two insurance Panther on halftime.

Second half Panther advanced attack, automatics to attack red zone, 2 score in Newton is Cardinals sacks, third gear to find Orson, the latter failed to complete the touchdown chose to shoot, Panther 27 7 leading. The second half first attack or weakness, punt to panther. The Panther again so smooth attack, finally to punch the ball Newton touchdown end, 34 Panthers leading 7. The Cardinals offensive to the Panthers 29 yards, the end of the third quarter.

The fourth quarter, the Cardinals finally scored again, Pomoer pass to proximal front fellers (Darren fells) of array after the two-point conversion success, the Cardinals 15 than 34. Panther attack failed to choose punt, the Cardinals offensive team debut again, the poor state of Permoor bold choose to pass to the telomere pass again steals, the ball back to the Panther’s hands, the Panthers again up to array and then select 2 conversion, again beaten, the score to 42 more than 15. The battles, Pomoer passing by linebacker khukri interception return touchdown, the score to 49 than 15. Cardinals battles and Pomoer in the vicinity of the midfield was again steals. The fourth is steals, team the seven turnovers in the final scoreline. In 49 than 15

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Officially announced the 2016NBA all star starter, overwhelmed in the East in the backcourt. In a ranking third Raptors guard Kyle Lowry in final stage success came in front of his Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving, successful got an all star starter qualification. In this regard, Owen said, Lori in the season absolutely deserves this award.

“This is his due credit, and obviously there are a lot of players who are more than I should be in the all star game this season.”

Lowry in the season performance very grab an eye, he is currently in this season on behalf of the Toronto Raptors the play 42 games midfielder can send 20.9 points and 5 rebounds, 6.5 assists, comprehensive performance, raptors under his leadership now also in the eastern ranked second place, and with compared Owen in the season due to injury has missed 27 games for the team.

Owen last December 21, only resurfaces, this season he only represent Knight played 15 games, present were 26.8 minutes of playing time, he can get 16.1 points and 2.8 rebounds and 3.9 assists, shooting rate was 41.9%.

After a lapse of four years, then cut 30+20 of Warcraft night peak

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NBA regular season continues, the Clippers at home after extra time. 140 than 132 to beat the Rockets, end of rocket 5 game losing streak, but also an end to rocket overtime 11 game winning streak.

Data clippers: Paul 28 points, 12 assists and six steals, J. J – Redick 40 points, deandre Jordan 16 points and 15 rebounds, Paul Pierce 12 points, Crawford 17 points, Wesley Johnson 11 points;

Rocket data: Dwight Howard 36 26 points and rebounds, harden 20 points and 8 assists, Ariza 18 points, Thornton 23 points, five assists, Terrence Jones 10 points 8 rebounds.

Technical statistics

Wonderful Atlas

The rocket opening 5 toulian loses, then harden shot continuous goal, Ariza also scored three points after the ball rocket hit 10-5 start. God pitcher Reddick scored 3 three pointers rate clippers catch, both sides stalemate to 19 level.

Paul hit three pointers and steals Jones, Reddick on James Harden completed shot a four point play, rocket this fall into a passive, harden was sentenced to an offensive foul after Paul reentry shot, the Clippers to 14-2 offensive will be opened the score. The first section of the Clippers 33-21 lead three ball 10 throw in 7, Reddick single scored 15 points.

To strengthen the defense Festival ago rockets, Lawson, Howard and Bloor steals in succession, the Rockets to the pursuit of rhythm played 13-3 counterattack, after minutes 34-38. The Clippers three rain again, Wesley – Johnson scored 3 three pointers, Reddick also once again hit the shot. Howard scored 15 points and 13 rebounds in the first half, led the Rockets to pursue.

The Clippers very determined: Howard festival performances twice after a dunk, the Clippers are quick to help small Jordan back dunk offensive. Howard Crawford Jordan Jr. after capping interference, quickly to send Breuer cover.

Time postganglionic segment Jones shot free throws, Beverly on the back of a small Jordan perform “cut”, small Jordan 1 of 2 free throws; then Paul will also send Dwight Howard to the free throw line, Howard penalty in. Half court rocket 52-59 behind.

Reddick in the third quarter of 2 and a half minutes and scored 3 three pointers, the Clippers two digit advantage reconstruction. The Clippers operation that Redick continuous formation of vacancy shot and harden the heart fire, on the offensive end no ball entanglement and Redick pushing each other, both received a technical foul.

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According to the “USA Today” reported, with branch Huai – Leonard grew up one of the best players in the NBA, and LaMarcus Aldridge joined, Tony Parker said hope to prolong his playing career.

Parke is 33 years old, and is a few years younger than the other two in GDP, Duncan Manu and Ginobili Tim.

“(Leonard) and LaMarcus (Aldridge) have really helped us, they are playing very well,” said Parke. “It’s going to be a long time, and that’s for sure. If and LaMarcus are not in the team, then maybe I’ll play one or two more seasons (retired) after Timmy (Duncan) and Ma Nu (Ginobili).”

“But now they are in the team and it makes me want to stay with them for a while. Like Timmy and Manu do, I also want to help all the young people, you know? It’s a great family, having a great team and it makes you want to stay.”

Parke and Spurs will expire in the summer of 2018.

“I don’t know,” Parke said when Duncan and Ginobili retired. “I have to be honest with you, I really don’t know. I don’t have a clue. You don’t know, because it’s been going on for three or four years.”

Harden: we are grateful to each other to help his teammates to play

Today’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves game, harden with 27 points, 11 rebounds and led the team to five straight wins, “we are playing for each other. This is the most important. When someone left behind, other people can pull him. We are beginning to realize that everything is not always perfect, and that we need to support each other.” Harden said in an interview.

Played very anxious, the last section both sides score is in the lead alternately, with the last two minutes Terry a record three points it will be widened to six points. The last ball wolves had a chance to level the score, but Martin missed a shot.

Harden believes that the beginning of the season, the team during the period of Mchale’s struggle before the period of time, had lost a similar game. “This victory had may slip, but we played very tenacious, especially in the first three sections, we bite the score and when necessary get suspended, and then we’ll score” harden said.

Forest wolf two scholar Lang today played well, Wiggins obtained 28 points and led the team. Downs get 12 points and 16 rebounds double double. The head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves on two small children said: “today we made too many errors, whenever we mistake, the other hit the fast counter attack, layup or dunk. And when the other side of the error, we seem to be at a loss, this is not our normal performance.”

Harden in today’s 492 games, got 10000th points in his career, becoming the first of the 09 students to be crowned mr.. “This is a great personal achievement, thanks to the help of the team. But this is only the beginning, I have a long way to the future.”

13 days of cool data: Erwin career shooting over 2000

1. Knight the away game to challenge the Mavericks, campaign before Owen’s career scoring a total of 1997 global campaign he 20 8 22 points, nine assists and shot number has reached in 2005, more than 2000.

James 17 9 vote, three of 6 shots in the 3 and 8 free throws in 6, scored 27 points and 10 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 steals. His career free throws hit a total of 5938, surpassing O’neal (5935), ranking nineteenth place in the history of the number of free throws hit. And career three point ball hit a few rose to 1299, more than the former all star guard Potter Terry (1297), NBA history three points standings ranked thirty-fourth.

Parsons gets 25 points and 8 rebounds for the Mavericks, and his score is a new high for the season.

2. The Grizzlies not enemy rocket, campaign Randolph get 9 rebounds, career total rebounding reached 8976, beyond the Larry Bird (8974), rose to No. 50 history.

3 the sun is not against the enemy, Taylor Tor Vecchi scored 19 points, this is his sixth consecutive scoring double, is the best career.

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The knicks tallied the bucks at home, it Anthony took 24 points and 10 rebounds and eight assists, return bad two assists he can achieve three pairs. This is the third time this season melon single field for at least 20 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists in the data.


“I didn’t realize a lot of games (fast achieve three pairs),” Anthony said, “today I know, I was trying to take three pairs. But it is difficult.”


Although today in not with three pairs of melon, but he is also very good to lead the team to victory. He can give the ball to the were open teammates, oneself also can score and rebound. When it comes to their own processing method, Anthony said: “I am trying to attack, and avoid attack.”


Melon and some other adjustments, it is trust.


“(victory) due to the elder brother of the melon, Boer ferry burgess said,” sure we can hit his shots, he gave the team trust and confidence.”


It less wave is also doing well, he scored 15 points 6 rebounds 5 blocks. Section 3 small lopez into not throw shots, wave to a less enemy 2 from the basket on the right side to the left, reverse one-handed buckle, the skill of the course.


“Only a few people can like him to make such a dunk,” Anthony said after the game.


Less wave performance impressed the opponent, especially in the defensive end. Bucks the letters of the elder brother after the recalls: “he (less) use a different tool. On the offensive end, he can make some difficulty high 3-pointers. The defensive end, he built a lot of hats. He let us become difficult. Our strategy is to score in the paint area, and he let us sincerely feel difficult.”

Wade: jazz today read our defensive tactics

At noon today one game after the end of the heat on the road to a 83-98 loss to the jazz, experienced team first defeat of the western expedition trip this time.


Heat, keeping their star dwyane wade feel cold, he made three of 17 only get 8 points, in his post-match interview, wade first praised the 34 points of the game’s commanding general Sir Gordon hayward, and then in the summary of the main reason for the team lost today, he said the team’s loss mainly because their arrangement by some defensive tactics in the match actually has not worked.


“Hayward has led to them this evening, they mastered today we decorate some of defensive tactics, and get the things they want.”


Miami heat coach after the game, Bohr Stella, according to the heat it appear many unforced errors gave many of Utah, and eventually they also for his careless paid a terrible price.


“They hit some shots, and in our body of some mistakes also gave them a lot of advantage, they try to catch the chance to get some points, and created a lot of extra leg, on the pitch and we are in trouble, however, has been unable to resist the opponent’s strength, especially in the last six minutes from time to time.”


A joy a sorrow, as a winner, jazz coach snyder, in the game can see the nature is full of positive energy.


“It was a great win for us, we have been in previous discussion with fatigue and injuries of back-to-back trip I should how to land a better job.”

Butler 19+10 team six people on the two bulls 101-92 Celtics win six game in a row

Customs CSU Bakersfield Roadrunners logo Iron-on Transfers N4056NBA regular season to continue, the six game winning streak of the Chicago bulls against the celtics. In the end, the home of the bulls to 101-92 victory over Celtic to usher in the seven game in a row.

Bull six scoring in double. Pau Gasol had 17 points and 18 rebounds and made large double double, rose 18 points and 7 rebounds, Butler 19 points, five rebounds and 10 assists, Mirotic had 11 points and eight rebounds, Gibson and Snell respectively 10 points.

Celtics seven people scored double, Ollie Nick 16 points and 9 rebounds, Sa Linjie 13 points and 11 rebounds, Thomas 14 points, Claude 17 points, Turner and Smart were 10 points.


Technical statistics


The two teams clash in the bull for the first time this season away defeat, this game is the bull’s revenge. For the Celtics disadvantage is that their coach Brad Stevens because of personal reasons absent this game today, the chief assistant coach Jay Lalanajia became interim head coach. It is reported that Stevens is going to visit him in the Butler University, a player before the coach, the players are fighting against cancer.

After the opening of the bulls to take advantage of the height, Gasol 3 shots on the hit 2 balls. But the Celtics run and gun is also very powerful, in Johnson for a dunk, they played 7-0 offensive score counter Ultra. Return suspend the Celtics still control the situation, oleynik runs really are ghosts, he often pulled high post, but in an unguarded moment, bull, he went to the basket over the basket succeeded. This section 33 minutes and 2 seconds, Ollie Nick on the outside and hit three points, the Celtics pulled the score to 21-15. Ross jump stop is also very beautiful, looks like he is good condition today. But the Celtics were all soldiers, after Sa Linjie hit the cast, they get 27-21′s lead at the end of the first quarter, Ollie Nick took 10 points in this section.

Time section Celts and first 2 points, the Bulls the preganglionic 3 does not vote, the Celtics will expand the advantage to double-digit opportunity, but Zeller rebound is good protection against, Gibson completed steals and assists McDermott hit three points and Snell also hit three bull scored six points and the score will be caught up. More than half of this section, the two teams have 8 points, this efficiency is not high. In this section, 4 minutes and 31 seconds, Johnson layup, the Celtics made a small wave of 6-0 will lead to 41-31. But Celtic undulation is big enough, Mirotic continuous hit two goals, Butler and hits three points, the Bulls played 12-2 offensive and will tie the score. After the first half, the bulls with 48-47 anti super.

The second half of the Celtics continued downturn, one shot up to 5 consecutive shots, in little Thomas for them to break the scoring drought, they were 4 consecutive shots, the bull took the opportunity to play 13-2 offensive to the score 61-49. Bull kept for 10 minutes at the leading edge, the Celtics a few times will be reduced to single digits, the bulls can always respond, the first half 7 throws in Butler also hand back, in punishes two balls and hit a jumper. Celtic is also bad luck, an attack to get 5 offensive rebounds, but did not shoot 6 shots. The two teams in the last 1 minutes of this quarter did not score, the bulls with a 74-63 lead into the fourth quarter.