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The NBA regular season continued, the Portland trail blazers at 98-94 victory over the Sacramento Kings, with two victories.


Trail blazers, Mr Rudd continue to injury, CJ – Michael kohler played well, scored 35 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists and four steals, Allen crabbe 10 points, 5 rebounds, meyers Leonard – 16 points and 11 rebounds, morris – huck les 13 points and six rebounds;


Kings, marcus, hyacinth 36 points and six rebounds omega – kass, 14 points and 10 rebounds, rajon rondo of 9 points and 15 assists and five rebounds, Rudy – guy 7 points, 14 rebounds, darren collison 10 points.

Carlisle intimidation calf: not enough spell will be traded

Not long ago, when the mavericks after defeat in the hand of the raptors, rick Carlisle threat player said he will sent away the people who work not output.


“Oh, to be honest, 100%, we are going to deal button,” Cuban said, “for our works, if you want to promote the deal, so no one can predict the whole thing. We really need to take some actions at the same time, therefore, I wholeheartedly agree with him.”


Second team in the game against the raptors, calf and some at the end of the bench players launched a wave of shock, eventually will be closer to 99-103. In Carlisle’s view, the mavericks “kick ass” by your competitors, he called scenes “embarrassing”.


“Listen, if this kind of thing happen again, so they will not be able to continue to put on the mavs shirt.” Carlyle has hinted that he “threatening” players in the dressing room, “I can assure you that.”


Defeat the raptors, the mavericks in brooklyn overtime to reverse the nets.


“Recently, we often give up, when the game seems to belong to us, and we let it slip away. You must pay attention to what I said.” Carlisle said, “the truth is I love this team, I really care about these players. I hope they can like me, eager to win more, sometimes, you have to be in a special way to wake them, but I would never let their guard down.”


Cuban claims that he is very like the club’s current state of chemical reaction, therefore temporarily not to make a deal. However, he also found that the mavs could not remain the same in every night. Today, the mavs with 16-13, tied for fourth in the west.


Class libraries, points out that the mavs have a number of excellent pitcher in temporary feel is low, and they often let their feel problems affect the field input level.


“He has been to do so,” Cuban said, “Carlisle wanted to stimulate the team in this way, we have reason to be a very good team, but we have to play more. In my opinion, Carlisle wants to convey information is sometimes we played really didn’t work hard enough. If a ball, we think that he was against the rules, the referee didn’t loud whistle, and then constantly complain, instead of defending their own half. I think Carlyle is correct, it is these small problem with the team.”


“The good news is that, at least, everything is still in the phase of repairable, fortunately, we don’t have that kind of lazy locker room training. Our players are willing to full play, we want to win, the desire to contribute. But sometimes about things they would fall into depression. This is quite interesting, if early game we can shoot well into the basket, so you will never see anyone complaining about, or lack of energy. In some cases, that’s it, we all will be reversed.”

Demar derozan, 28 minutes and refused to reverse The raptors beat the mavericks at home

Design Kennesaw State Owls Iron-on Transfers (Wall Stickers)NO.4729The NBA regular season continued, the raptors at home in a 103-99 victory over the mavericks.


The raptors data: demar derozan 28 points and 4 assists, kyle lowry – 17 points and 10 rebounds, 7 assists, terence – Ross 16 points, luis scola 15 points 9 rebounds, Corey Joseph 12 points and five assists.


Dallas data: dirk nowitzki 20 points 7 rebounds, Wesley Matthews – 15 points, 8 points and five assists jose barria, villa, Newark, 9 points, 2 steals, deron Williams 7 points and six assists;


Technical statistics


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Raptors made 20 of 39 shot 51.3% in the first half, plus scola defend, to the success of nowitzki 49-36 lead the raptors were able to achieve. It is worth mentioning that in the first half and took all the BiYongBo eight points and 10 rebounds, and the Dallas mavericks team no one had eight points. Dallas continue to take defense in the second half, but demar derozan and lowry layup consecutive successful, but the mavericks attack also open, Matthews 3-pointer after the left corner of nowitzki 3-pointer in couple. Paired up two formation, felton jumper, demar derozan immediately change with a three points.


Scola is very flexible, demar derozan jumper, scola just behind nowitzki to rebound, although he was the mavericks get rebounds after three players around, but he still use flexible steps complete the turn, then stroke caused by dirk nowitzki foul, but turn a circle on the ball in the basket didn’t come in. But dirk nowitzki was rediscovered the handle, after scola scored two goals, he also immediately with a jumper, scola is not to be outdone also immediately with a three points, but then he fouled on dirk nowitzki, this is his fourth foul, only next to have a rest.


Interestingly, this time was Bennett on luis scola, Bennett was down to the development league, in history the first draft to be sent to the NBDL. Bennett is very positive, come up to get the three points of shots, one but unfortunately failed to hit. Bennett after successful limit Williams three-point shots, but then leak proof dirk nowitzki, Germany chariot made three points, the mavericks will to 51-61, the raptors genial smile that request to suspend immediately. Back to suspend Bennett again on dirk nowitzki, the result laid hands on him to dirk nowitzki’s eyes, is he forget to yao Ming’s words – “laid a hand on him, but hit persons not dozen face!”


Scola didn’t in anyway, nowitzki playing joyfully, Matthews steals demar derozan, nowitzki after a 3-pointer, and and in the next defensive large cap Bennett. Is this rate, it seems that Bennett cannot adapt. Bennett is interesting BiYongBo the basket from the calf a foul, the referee has after the whistle, Bennett conveniently dunk finish also ran to pick up the ball, and then came up and BiYongBo clap your hands. Anyway, Bennett play into a black hole, after he’s played this time, in the raptors simply could not hit the basket to the ball, no mobile warfare score in the four points more minutes.


Dallas opportunity to catch up with, in this section 3 minutes 16 seconds left, Matthews jumper, the mavericks to complete 10-1 the offensive, will lead to 58-62. Danger demar derozan jumper, finally break the raptors mobile warfare score, then Dallas once the lakers to three points, but Bennett and complete layup after 3-pointer, the raptors to take 72-67 lead into the fourth.

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In 2013, according to CBS sports coverage of the draft Anthony Bennett raptors down to subordinate NBDL team “the raptors team 905″. He has become the first in history to be devolved to the development league draft, it is understood that it was his own active request is down.


Bennett didn’t stay long in development league, he in 905 after the team played a ball is quickly be recalled raptors. The raptors today to the king, can play Bennett, but he did not play the match.


Since join the raptors, Bennett few appearances this season. He played nine games, add up to play 48 minutes, averaged 1.6 points, 1.7 rebounds, shooting only 21.5%. Bennett hoping to increase their playing time will take the initiative to apply to the team for himself down on the development league.


(Bennett) come to us, “Anthony said he hoped the two consecutive games as an opportunity to enhance the level of his game;” Toronto’s executive vice President of basketball affairs Jeff will terman says, “we hope that through the development alliance to enhance the level of players, this is an example.”


According to the Toronto star, the raptors coach dwyane – Casey said glad Bennett could make such a decision.


“On the road to play back-to-back games, it’s difficult to get your training time, usually only very simple training. Under this condition it is very difficult to maintain oneself body state.” Kathy said, “I think for young players, in the development league play is also a good thing, where they can adjust their own state.”

Hassell beck’s return to training Play may be uncertain

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Matt hassell baker (Matt Hasselbeck) missed training on Wednesday after return on Thursday took part in the part of the training, but the message from the Indianapolis pony doesn’t sound optimistic.


The 40-year-old quarterback is a rib injury treatment. The NFL’s Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Thursday the rib injury for hassell baker “painful”.


Hassell baker due to injury, told reporters he still has difficulty breathing. When asked about whether he can pass not feel rib pain, he laughed (means).


Although only a few training, hassell baker is still considered will be able to in the end the key game against Houston texans, the game for who is able to be al southern district champion is of great significance. The team hope hassell baker can increase volume in training on Friday and was able to restore health to play the game.


But 40 body don’t like 10 young or younger recover so fast. Looks more likely hassell baker will decide whether to play before the game. If he still couldn’t play hassell beck’s ribs, Charlie white hurst (Charlie Whitehurst) will be as a start.

Michael palin: Wilson is second-rate quarterback

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Cleveland on Sunday, Mr Brown is going to travel to Seattle against Seattle airport, at a press conference coach Mike palin delay (Mike Pettine) for Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) to do the review.


Surprisingly, the comments on different with the outside world, she think though Wilson hot recently, but he is not the so-called elite quarterback.


He said: “when it comes to elite quarterback will think of you, Tom Brady (Tom Brady), Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), Drew Bristol (Drew Brees), etc., will be a barrage of you think of them, but you won’t realize Wilson, so he still has gap with these people.”


But she said, in the airport’s streak Wilson ACTS as an important role, his quarterback score as high as 145.9 powder, completed 16 touchdown, zero copy. Palin delay said: “he can complete the high level of competition, as long as he did, airport can win, so I think he is a great quarterback. Of course this also and airport around that he make tactical system.”

Lebron James: I have a plan to help brown

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Since 1999, the history of Cleveland brown’s team is a disaster, they replaced the 24 starting quarterback, replaced the eight trip to coach for a playoff games.


Stars of the recent Ohio Cleveland cavaliers superstar LeBron James (LeBron James) said he had a way to help brown.


He said: “all this is related to the team culture, everyone is convinced that his career every day. We have to change the team culture, we spent here every day things for the sake of what, isn’t it in order to win the game, become a great person? Even though you can’t win the game, but you tried, this is what we want to see.”


View brown boss should hire James as consultants, because James’s dream is at the end of the basketball career can stay in the NFL after a period of time.

The pirate coach: put the rest of the game when the playoffs

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Young Tampa bay buccaneers in top quarterback yahya jammeh – Winston (Jameis Winston) under the leadership of still have a chance to enter the playoffs. Team (6) at present, the recent status, the target is naturally won a wild card. Coach lowe Smith (Lovie Smith) said in an interview, the team need to every game as the rest of the playoffs.


Smith said: “in the last four games, we 3-1, this is a good one million head, now we have four games left. If you want to enter the playoffs, we need to pay attention to every game and each will be viewed as the only won’t playoff failure. In the dressing room, we all believe that we can do it.” Due to the Atlanta falcons is low, a wild card seat for pirates is not out of reach.


In the last month, it is not difficult to pirate race. They will be at home to ups and downs of the New Orleans saints, on the road against the league’s worst attack and getting a st. Louis RAMS, a full home game against the Chicago bears, and possibly a seed after the last week to ensure that the main truce card Carolina panthers. Of course, if you want to make the playoffs, the pirates have to count on the Minnesota vikings and a team in the Seattle airport off the chain.

Packers manager: New York has been refreshed

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The green bay packers running back Eddie – new (Eddie Lacy) in week 13 have been frozen, reportedly because miss eve not allowed to go out team in the regulations be punished. Coach Mike McCarthy (Mike McCarthy) in addition to say “this is our internal processing” outside don’t want to further confirm if so, on Tuesday, he said the team look to the future rather than look back. McCarthy said the new want to achieve any success is in front of him, he is looking forward to the running back to seize opportunities. “I think Eddie has been refreshed,” McCarthy said. “He trained today’s performance is very good. I like the other players to communicate with him. I expect him to have a week of training and to have nice data in the next game. We care about the future of the game. We’re talking about the past too much.” Even in the new cold storage before, he compared the performance of the decline a lot last season. If McCarthy is correct for the new judgment, another one for packers for the league of the impact of the north district champion is a big positive.

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American time Friday, Indianapolis pony announced that Andrew’s (Andrew Luck) will continue to miss Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh steelers. The veteran quarterback Matt hayes baker (Matt Hasselbeck) will continue to debut.


At present, still in the recovery of spleen rupture, and hayes baker’s fourth during this period to lead the team to complete the record, you know he’s already 40 years old people.


The pony record 6-5 negative, at present the team start cutting front left Anthony case manager (Anthony Castonzo), insider WeiJieRui, Freeman (Jerrell Freeman) as well as the right to protect the front harvard – Thornton (Hugh Thornton) will miss Sunday’s game through injury.


The good news is that the security guard Mike Adams (Mike Adams) has the perimeter guard Eric Walden (Eric Walden) can ensure that play on Sunday.