Josh – the sarcasm, Norman – Bryant

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Carolina panthers Angle guard Josh – Norman (Josh Norman) is one of the best defensive player of the season, and his war on Thanksgiving let d – Bryant (Dez Bryant) thoroughly let a person remember dumb fire performance.


Norman only let Bryant completed 26 yards catch the game, after the Norman sneered: “Dallas cowboys should ask Bryant going back to $70 million.”


Norman said in an interview: “the crazy thing is that he began to play, and then no longer then. As long as I have 4 quarter is absorbed, and the opponent is not so, then don’t blame me.”


Norman also Shared in the game Bryant taunt him and Kurt Coleman (Kurt Coleman) after completion of stolen yourself why do Bryant X gestures. He said: “I did communicate with Kurt, and then he completed the stolen, so I told him: you see, now we put the trash talking back to the opponent, let you go.”


In fact Norman besides are the horns of the league’s top guard, he is also one of the top spam words “artist”.

Thanksgiving Day weight loss of Titan Womack get coaching

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An NFL offensive striker can eat the whole table Thanksgiving dinner, but the Tennessee Titans support Feng Qian Si – Womack grams (chance Warmack) to select the do not do so. He got $50 in prize money.

On Thursday morning, the weighing results is 327 pounds and 326 pounds of weighing results Friday morning, Womack got the prize. The Titans coach Mike – mularkey (Mike Mularkey) requirements for players not in the Thanksgiving dinner overeating, Womack followed his instructions.

Local media reported that Mike weighed weight influence results to avoid clothes stripped off before the team.

Of course, Womack is currently in with the Titans signed four years contains security income of $12.2 million in the third year, so a $50 bonus nothing. But he has been praised by Muraki.

Womack also admitted that he was at home some Thanksgiving leftovers. He may weigh more than 327 pounds before the end of this week.

Tiger Denad was put into the reserve list of injuries

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Shawntae daqui Liz (Darqueze Dennard) Dana de season is over.

The tiger, the tiger, the two – grade angle, the – grade angle, the Cincinnati tigers, will be required to undergo surgery on his shoulder.

NFL official reporter Ian Rapoport Ian Rapoport, according to informed sources reported said Denard shoulder upper lip no injury, but his shoulder ligament in need of repair. Rapoport was told that the first round of the 2014 first run of all 10 games in the season could be fully restored.

Denad says he plans to accept the surgery in the next one or two weeks and “must” be ready to take part in the training camp next year. “I feel like I’m starting to master the rhythm of the defensive team and eventually get some chances and show the manager what I can do,” Denad said. “I must stand aside now, but God has his plan.”

Denad’s absence means that Jones Leon (Jones Adam), as a result of the foot injury is listed as a possible can not be determined, Holzer – Adam (Hall Leon) and the four round of the show Josh – (Shaw Josh) need to assume greater responsibility. The tiger’s second line defense suffered injury crisis, but the biggest task in the next game? Limit the red ball attack of Saint Louis rams.

Thomas rawls 209 yards rushing to help airport to win

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Thomas Rawls (Thomas Rawls) with his running help beat San Francisco 49 Seattle airport.


After Sunday’s game after the end of the airport to a 29-13 beat 49, rawls completed 209 yards of the ball, it is also a sea eagle rushed the ball second best game record, and Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) passing performance good, finally help the team achieve 50% record.


Rawls 255 yards to complete the game, including 46 yards is catching, rawls completed two games are more than 160 yards of the data, you need to know the team’s starting running back Ma Xiaoen Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) longest career game code number is 153 yards.


Wilson completed 24 times passing the game to promote 260 yards, the quarterback score as high as 138.5, the coaching staff has denounced his passing a few days ago, apparently played an effective role.


With the game victory, airport get a chance to go to qualifying for the playoffs.

Week day and night game preview: tiger @ the linnet

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The eleventh week week, day and night on a first round of final taste defeat Cincinnati tiger away to challenge the recent state of Arizona cardinals. Tigers last round a shock loss at Houston texans, end unbeaten record; The face of the UN general assembly this year heat cardinals, would be a race.


7-2 the Arizona cardinals recent momentum is fierce, has scored three wins in a row. Main quarterback Carson palmer did well, the previous round face airport fierce rushed pass still scored 363 yards and three touchdown, led the team on the road to take the next important victory. Another veteran outside take larry Fitzgerald is still your performance stable, although not touchdown, but the ball 130 yards, 10 times also laid the groundwork for the team’s victory. It is worth mentioning this season to palmer Fitzgerald direction when passing score of 136.1, is now outside the quarterback of the highest in the league – to take over the attachment score, two veteran played late career best season. Offensive to see the defensive, and cardinals array with alliance performance this year in one of the best travel who Thai Ryan mathieu, the grade three security guards in outbreak of the season, the first 8 games PFF score up to + 18.3, and in the last round in the face of airport, he got a crucial stolen, is the one of the team won. And defense front ranked top 10 g rasching Campbell is defensive front players. Cardinals will play the most powerful strength, the home had a tiger, had the longest season 4 in a row.


8 wins and 1 negative Cincinnati tigers last round home a shock loss to Houston, Texas. Tiger main four WeiAnDi Dalton night race level was again back to the prototype. Facing J.J. watt full of oppression, and ultimately failed to obtain touchdown, but instead was once stolen, put an end to the pressure in the pocket this year record of zero stolen. As a quarterback on the old club, palmer Dalton need to perform better. Play, tiger both road and passing attack played quite difficult; The game away in the face of significantly stronger defence but inferior cardinals, tigers may not reverse the sea eagle miracle, after all, the opponent’s play more stable than earlier. On a bad tiger attack group need to rethink, A.J. green need to continue to prove himself to be more stable performance outside the top five league took over.


Bowman about to return to the place of injured feelings in Seattle

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San Francisco 49 line WeiNa voronezh – Bowman (NaVorro Bowman) this week with the team at Seattle airport challenge, this is also his injury since the 2013 season in the league finals for the first time to Seattle in the competition. Serious knee injury that he missed the entire 2014 season, it will also inspire him to do better in this week’s game.


Bowman said: “I want to win, of course, some emotional continues to surge up inside me. I will return to this let me fell a place, thank god give me a chance to come back.” In that game, 49 security guard Eric reed (Eric Reid) outside the airport took Jermaine gilles (Jermaine Kearse) knock down, which impact the bowman’s knee. Bowman said that I had made off the ball, but can’t control the ball, it very sorry for him.


When the bowman, airport fans throwing popcorn to him, was impressed by this bowman: “I remember that, no matter who is injured, you should look at whether he can stand up, to express respect and blessings. But airport fans completely failed to do so.” This week, bowman expectation and the team back earlier.